Taking Back Control...!!!

I am just about to book our flights for next May and the cheapest by far is Ryan Air. We have never travelled with them before - just the usual Thomson Fly, Sleazy Jet, BMI et al!

I have just been reading up on the baggage allowance - as you can imagine a family of 5 with three mucky kids we need alot of kit - plus all my new clothes as I WILL BE AT MY BLUDDY TARGET BY NEXT MAY - sorry need to shout that to convince myself....LOL:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

My question is whenever we've travelled before the individual baggage allowance can me shared - ie for all 5 of us we 'get' 100kgs of luggage allowance which means we usually have a couple of large bags at 30+ kilos and a couple of smalle 5 - 10Kg type bags - we are always under our allowance and this is never a problem.

Reading the Ryan Air website it seems like we are allowed 15Kg each - for which we are charged for each bag checked in:rolleyes: (£7 return per bag (if pre booked)- extra £35 on holidays:rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) it implies on the website that we cannot 'share' the weight between us ie. bigger bags and small bag.

If anyone has any info on this and how strict they are this would be great - if not not a problem I'll call them. Alternatively I think we will be all investing in smaller cases and learning to 'travel light'........not two words that seem to appear in my holiday vocabulary often........LOL:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D

Thanks guys!

Hi sooo depends on the airport....the official line is that the baggage allowance is oer person, with an upper limit of 20kg per bag...if the bag is 20kg, you will have to pay for the extra 5 kg in it, as it is over the 15kg per person allowance.....we got stung on that coming out of Dublin this summer, and they were really strict....on the way back from spain, they couldnt care less wat was in the bags, wat they weighed etc...not much help, I know, but you may be better off sticking to the official guidelines just in case....anyway, smaller clothes weigh less!!
I've heard that Ryannair are really strict about baggage allowance..think it has something to do with their cheap flight policy.... the less weight on the plane the less fuel they need. I've flown with them several times.. but always been business so never really had that much baggage on me, so can't say whether they actually enforce it or not.. but I reckon so!
Thanks girls!

I've just re-read their terms and conditions and it does seem pretty much that each person is allowed 15kg and no sharing. For me this is good..because it means I finally get to get rid of all the big nasty old fashioned suitcases we have and get us all nice small trendy ones OH thinks I have a bag/suitcase fetish :rolleyes: ..... I think he could be right:eek:

Thanks for your comments - I think it will be a very good test for us to learn to 'travel light' - every year I say we won't take as much and every year we take more:eek: wouldn't mind but it's my parents house we go to and they have a washing machine so we can wash if necessary:eek:

Comments much appreciated.....and even paying the £35.00 baggage allowance it is still half price for the flights compared to the same with Thomson!

Hi Mich, I think you have a 'free' 10kg cabin baggage allowance as well....might be worth seeing if you can really cut down on the baggage!! I'm planning on flying with them again in the summer (also to my parents house with a washing machine!!) and will really be trying to cut my baggage.....well at least on the way TO spain!!
Hi Kazz!

Yeah, just read that hand luggage is up to 10kg - funny I always manage to keep the hand luggage to a minimum - can't be doing with lugging loads of bags and the kids - they all have a small rucksack each - hubby has one and I have my handbag with the necessities like passports etc.

Being nosey now but where's your mums place? My mum and dad have a house in Denia, Costa Blanca - we fly to either Alicante or Valencia. Only found out at the weekend that Ryanair fly from East Mids to Valencia - thought it was just Stanstead which is a mare to get to from ours (Coventry). I can't get over how cheap it is either! We are going for 12 days just before, during and after May half term and for 5 of us it's £390 + baggage allowance:rolleyes: the times are ace - 9.30am dep and 2.30pm return....:cool: The same flights with Thomson from Cov (ok it's 10 mins max down the road) was £700 :eek: :eek: - what's all that about eh?!!!!

Anyway, I think your right this is the year to learn how to travel daughter doesn't need a different outfit for every night....neither do we:eek: :eek:

Thanks again:D Roll on May 23rd that's what I say......once booked hopefully this will give me the kick up the bum I need to get back on track.....and bluddy stay on it...LOL:rolleyes:

Cheers hun!
Hi Mich, theres is in Caba Roig, north costa blanca...Murcia airport is only 20 mins drive from their place, alicante is 40 mins....if that gives you any idea of the proper location!!

I want to go back in the summer and go to terra mitika again (just outside Benidorm) and have a lovely skinny time on the rides!!
Hi Mich,

I'm in a similar situation as you.
We're flying to Gerona with Ryanair next May, five of us for a two week holiday with no washing machine!:eek:

In the past we've managed to take a smallish bag or case each, I'm pretty good at travelling light. The big boys have a rucksack each and a small back pack, the youngest takes one of those cutey trolley cases. I find the main weight issues are the selection of warm clothing ( it can get chilly at night) and all the suncreams, tend to take every possible factor:eek: I used to pack these in my hand luggage but that's now restricted.

I think we'll all need a dress rehearsal in packing!

Hi guys!

Thanks for your advice and comments - it's always useful.

Just thought I'd let you know I have booked the hols today - and am also by 100% SSing today:D another couple of things you might like to know about Ryan Air is that you have to pay for each item of baggage checked in - this is £7.00 per bag (therefore we paid and extra £35.00:rolleyes: ) this is if it's pre-booked at the time of reservation. If not then it is £7 each way at the airport when checking in!! The other thing is if you pay by credit card/debit card etc the charge is extortionate (sp?!) - well I think so! we booked using a Mastercard and it cost £1.75 per person each way - thus adding a further £17.50 to our hols:rolleyes:

That said they are still by far the cheapest coming in at over 300 quid cheaper than the next cheapest:eek:

All I've got to do now is slim into my summer clothes (having busted out of them just recently:eek: ), hunt around for 5 smaller suitcases....:D and teach the kids how to pull their own cases....LOL. I've booked the car - and negotiated with them to use a agent at the airport as they wanted to bus us off site to collect the car - with 3 kids and loads of bags I don't think so:rolleyes: so all in all - sorted and I'm already getting excited!

Kazz - never heard of your holiday destination - although I'm sure my parents will have! We are 1 hour north from Alicante and 1 hour south from Valencia....never been to Terra Mitika - sure the kids would love it - nor the Aquapark - maybe take them in May as normally in August it's too hot to go further than the beach, the pool, the beach, the pool ....get the picture!

Jude - it's a mare packing for so many isn't it? I find I take shed loads of stuff and they want to wear the same over and over! Mind you I'm as much to blame - did I really need 6 cossies last year?....NO I DIDN'T:eek:

Lol Mich,

You're right about the packing.
Last year the boys insisted on wearing the same two t-shirts and swim shorts, and I only wore two tankinis and 2 different pairs of shorts during the day. Crinklie sundresses are great too, no ironing needed!
It's always the "just in case" stuff that fills the bag:eek:

Hi Mich

I'm travelling ryan air to Berlin from Stansted next week. Family of five and we prebooked three cases for the hold. We need to read up on exactly what to pack and how to pack it before we go and I can report back how we got on when I return.

Dizzy x
Hi Dizzy!

Thanks for that. I look forward to hearing how you get on..... My understanding of the rules and regs on baggage on their website is that each person is allowed 15kg bag to put into the hold. This cannot be shared amongst others within the group - I assume this means no 30kg bags and a smaller 12kg bag - which is what we usually have. It does say you are allowed up to 10kg to carry on the plane (which is quite heavy in comparison to other airlines who usually say 5kg) - however, there are restrictions on the dimensions of the bag.

ANyway, hope you get on OK and have a fab time in Berlin.....

I can tell you for sure that they are very strict. I'm also finding that BMI baby are a lot stricter than they used to be - they charged me 32 euros for 4KG overweight last month. Coming back from Granada to Liverpool last year, we were charged 85 euros excess, for the same luggage we had taken by Easyjet with no charge.
Weigh your luggage carefully, and take no chances is my advice.
We had some good news last month, Ryanair is now flying East Midlands - Granada, which is very convenient to our house in Spain. Anja and her mum came down to see us in Oct., it was a long drive though, about 4 hours I think.
Ryanair are also flying East Midlands - Pisa, for Tuscany now.

Hope you have a brilliant time.
Ann xxx
I'm so glad I saw this, we've booked Ryan Air east mids to Rome first week of January and paid £14 for a bag each, but I'd not noticed the weight restriction.

Think I'll have to hunt around for smaller cases!

Kitty xxx
Thanks for the info Ann - we have till May to decide what to take - as there are five of us I have booked 5 suitcases - it's just we are used to having a huge (and I mean huge) holdall for most of the stuff then a couple of smaller cases. Oh well gives me a chance to look for some new luggage;) and I will be weighing my cases very carefully I can tell you cos I'm not planing on paying anymore than we already have (although that said it was an absolute bargain!!).

My parents house is in Denia Ann, same place as Anja - never know one of these days we might bump into each other although she has the luxury of not having to go during school holidays!

I wondered where you flew to in Spain as I knew you had a house there - pleased to hear they are flying from East Mids to where you want to go - it's great when the 'cheap' flights are local - we used to go with Thomson from Coventry (10 mins max from our house - even used to fly over our house on the way home!) but their prices have become extortionate just recently so been looking for other options which is a pity as it is so handy for us!

Anyway, I'm sure we will chat more about Spain and holidays next week in BHam but thanks so much for the tip on how strict they are - I guess this is where they make their extra cash:rolleyes:

I'm so glad I saw this, we've booked Ryan Air east mids to Rome first week of January and paid £14 for a bag each, but I'd not noticed the weight restriction.

Think I'll have to hunt around for smaller cases!

Kitty xxx

Hi Kitty - we pre-paid the cases - if you do it on the day apparently it's something like £7 each way per case! When looking for smaller cases check the empty weight of them - I was looking yesterday and some of them can weight 3-5kg empty.....:rolleyes: I have a strong feeling I'm going to be traumatised trying to pack 'lightly' for 5 of us! We do have the advantage of not having to take towels or toileteries as my parents drive down and take 'stock' for us each year....dread to think how I'd get on going on a 'package' hol:eek:

Enjoy Rome - something to look forward to after Xmas:D


PS - you can take up to 10kg onto the plane as hand luggage - there are size restrictions on the size of the bag though - check Ryan Air website Terms and Conditions.
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This is the info off the Ryan Air website about Baggage rules and regs!! Hope it helps!

  • 'Checked Baggage' is any item accepted for carriage in the aircraft hold, including but not limited to suitcases, baby buggies, infant travel cots, car seats, rucksacks, tents and any mobility equipment such as, wheelchairs, scooters and walking frames. Large sports equipment and musical instruments are subject to separate charges and restrictions - see below.
  • A Baggage Fee is charged for the carriage of each item of Checked Baggage. The Baggage Fee may be prepaid at the current discounted rate of €4.50/£3.50 per item of baggage/per one way flight when making your reservation. If the Baggage Fee is paid after you have made your booking either at the airport, or through a Ryanair call centre, the full rate of £7/€10 per item of baggage/per one way flight is charged. Baby buggies, wheelchairs, scooters and walking frames are carried free of charge.
  • The Checked Baggage allowance is 15kg per person. There is no baggage allowance for infants, although a pram/buggy will be carried free of charge. Each Passenger may check-in up to three items of checked baggage, up to the checked baggage allowance per person (a Baggage Fee is charged for each item of checked baggage).
  • Passengers may not use the unused checked baggage allowance of other passengers. No pooling/sharing of the checked baggage allowance is permitted, even within a party travelling on the same Confirmation Number.
  • One item of hand baggage per person, weighing no more than 10kg and with dimensions of less than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, may be carried into the aircraft cabin (restrictions apply from certain countries) Click here for details. Any passenger checking in baggage exceeding their checked baggage allowance (per person) will be charged an excess baggage fee currently at a rate of £5.50/€8 per kilo (or local currency equivalent).
  • Any passenger checking in baggage exceeding their checked baggage allowance (per person) will be charged an excess baggage fee currently at a rate of £5.50/€8 per kilo (or local currency equivalent).
  • For health and safety reasons Ryanair does not accept for carriage any individual item exceeding 32 kilos or with combined dimensions of more than 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth). This weight limit does not apply to mobility equipment.
  • See paragraph below headed 'Prohibited Articles' for items not permitted in the cabin and/or aircraft hold.
OMG 5kg, really? so potentially only 10 kilo's per person?

Colin will have to carry my hair straighteners and tetras in his bag so I can fit my clothes in mine LOL

Kitty xxx
OMG 5kg, really? so potentially only 10 kilo's per person?

Colin will have to carry my hair straighteners and tetras in his bag so I can fit my clothes in mine LOL

Kitty xxx

I am going to look into getting some nylon holdall type bags as I'm sure they must weigh less - don't fret pet your straightners and tetras can go in Colins 10kg worth of hand luggage;) can just carry your handbag like I;)
Anyway, you'll be fine - men don't take half what women do so you'll have half his allowance too in his case.....;) :D

Hi Mich

Just found this to bump up so I remember to read again and answer the questions you had if I can now I am back from Berlin and have a recent Ryan Air experience.

We had a lovely trip and the flights were very good efficient arrived early both ways. No complaints at all especially as the return flights worked out at just £30 each for the five of us!

So i will read through again this evening and answer the luggage questions that i can.

Dizzy x