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28 Days

.. But probably not consecutively!

Hey everyone! I'm Aarie, I'm 22 and tired of eating rubbish!

Actually that's a lie, I'm not really tired of eating it, but I'm tired of the effect it has on me. And I have awful eating habits. I'll get engrossed in whatever I'm doing for hours and then suddenly I'm famished and I reach for whatever is there, overeat and feel horrible. :(

I don't actually know how much I weigh, but I do know that I don't like my figure, and I hate clothes shopping, it's so depressing.

I live with a couple of flatmates during the week, and I hate cooking for just myself. At the weekends I usually travel back home to stay with my family, see friends and the boyfriend. So the plan is that from Monday to Friday I'll do Diet chef, and on Saturday and Sunday I'll eat sensibly (it's a lot easier to do when I'm back with my parents!) And no alcohol either. I've the 28 day pack so that should take me up to Xmas!.

How has it been so far?

Well the packages arrived on Thursday. Three of the milkshakes burst and leaked everywhere in the box containing the lunches and breakfasts. Which meant I then had to wipe clean everything which was in the box. But it's ok, as I'd gotten the 1500 hamper, so my extras were a couple of milkshakes, (because I wanted to see what they're like) and museli bars (and the soft cookies) I guess I don't really need the extras, but I wanted the choice of having a milkshake for lunch if I wanted it, while knowing that I'll most likely want soup. Because it's cold here! I also mainly got 28 breakfasts for bowls (eg, the porridges and granola) but knowing me, I've the museli bars just in case!

So on Thursday, I got the package in the evening while I was really busy. I was just heading in to meet my boyfriend when he texted to say he'd already eaten so we wouldn't be having dinner. As I'd only had a cup of tea, packet of crisps and half a sandwich all day I was starving (see, terrible habits!) So I grabbed a choc chip museli bar and a strawberry milkshake and threw them in my handbag to eat on the bus.

The strawberry milkshake was lovely, I sipped it slowly but I don't know how filling it would be on it's own. Still, very handy. It reminded me of strawberry milk cartons we used to get on holiday as kids.

Choc chip museli bar also gets a thumbs up! Chewy and tasty, quite sweet and satisfying!

Friday: aka My First full day
Breakfast: A cup of tea and porridge with cocoa nibs... I was disappointed! I really didn't like this and I'd ordered 7 of these. However, an inventory last night showed that 5 of them are missing. :eek: As I have the museli bars, (and a bag of porridge oats at the back of the cupboard) I'm hardly going to starve, but I'll tell Diet Chef about it and the exploding milkshakes. Anyways, the cocoa nibs were really bitter. I've one remaining, and I guess I can make that up with some of the chocolate milkshake as long as I calculate those calories!

Lunch: I picked up a breadroll on the way to work as I wasn't sure how filling the Spicy Tomato and Beef would be. (quite filling, it turned out!) I ate the bread and soup and was quite full. The soup was spicy, but not overly so, just enough to make you feel all warm, and it had nice chunks in it. Anyways I'm glad I had the bread as I didn't end up eating until quite a bit later..

Dinner was at half 6. But I hadn't had any snacks or fruit in the mean time. I'd had to leave work early to go and sort out paper stuff in town and I didn't remember to bring a snack or an apple or anything. So when I got home.. at least these are quick to prepare! While I'd been in town I'd picked up some veg in steam bags so I've a selection in my freezer. I had the Mild Chicken Tikka Masala with one these bags which has veg and rice. again very tasty. Wish I'd had more rice though as I devoured an apple afterwards. And a fruit and oat soft cookie. When I went into town then to catch a bus back home, I was waiting for ages and as I needed the loo, got one of Macdonalds fruit bags.
The final thing I had was a packet of cheese oat bites, which I liked (that suprised me) but I dropped the bag and lost half of them!

So first day
Porridge : 164
Milk allowance: 60
Spicy Beef and tomato soup: 165
Bread: 200
Mild Chicken Tikka Masala: 291
(rice and veg) 105
apple: 77
McDonalds fruit bag: 42
Fruit and oat bar: 198
Cheese oat bites: 99

Total 1201

What I've learnt: I need to space out these meals properly! I also know I need to drink more water but it's impossible to do so at work. so I'll just have to do so at home more.
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Bouncy Castle
S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)
excellent - i'm considering diet chef for after i've lost the bulk of my bulk ;) so i'd love it if you kept us posted. what did dietchef say about the missing and damaged items?

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