Anyone tried "slimgum" whilst doing SS or SS+?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by bluedress21, 18 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. bluedress21

    bluedress21 Full Member

    hey, i think i may start cambridge diet again. I did try this years ago and lost about 3- 4 stone but did not carry on after and went back to eating junk.. i have since became healthier and now exercise but need a push in the right direction and need to kick start my weightloss again.

    I didnt suffer from headaches and wasnt actually physically hungry last time i just remember the horrible taste and bad breath but i know chewing gum can make you hungry.

    ive recently tried slim gum just to curb cravings whilst trying to be good as it is supposed to suppress the appetite and wonder if anyone has used this whilst on ss and if it still made them hungry?

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  3. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    I haven't heard of 'Slim Gum', where do you buy it? Your comment on chewing gum might be the reason I have been super hungry over the past few days. I feel so self conscious in my job about bad breath that I chew gum constantly!!!! Maybe a good idea for me to buy some of the slim stuff.
  4. bluedress21

    bluedress21 Full Member

    i think tescos sell it as ive seen it on their website before but i bought mine from LA muscle when i ordered something else. since posting this thread i have read about chewing gum and SS and as it contains carbs it can not only make you hungry from the gasses in your stomach but possibly stop you going in to ketosis or take you out of ketosis so maybe that has a part to play aswell... i work in a office and cannot stand disgusting breath or bad taste in my mouth as it makes me feel self concious. people advise not to have anything other than mouthwash and spray but ive found some mints are sugar and carb free :) called "wrigleys altoids smalls" i think they are only avail in the US but i ordered some off amazon i paid about £16 for 9 tins not really sure how big the tins are but i dont care.... anything other than death breath!! :) .. double check the pack you buy by googling the flavour and nutritional value as i cant remember which ones i got
  5. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Thanks for for this information Bluedress21. I will go and check out amazon. I agree with you about death breath, I am a teacher and hate breathing near my poor wee pupils so I will use anything that helps me stay in Ketosis and loose the killer breath. Cheers.x
  6. Cambridgefan

    Cambridgefan Full Member

    I bought watermelon sugar free gum from boots and it is out of this world amazing, doesn't take me out of ketosis and stops me eating cream cakes so win all round! X

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