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Hi every one

I started my Cambridge diet on Thursday 26 th May 2022.

I did exante few years back.
Tried it again but had tummy issues with them.

So now I am on day 4 of my Cambridge diet.
I have to say I am super excited at the thought of loosing my weight.

so what’s brought me back to dieting …. Well I am going to be 50 in October and we have a hot holiday booked.
I don’t want to be fat and 50… I want to be fab at 50.
I currently weigh 16 stone and 6lbs.( start day weight.

so my plan is to be on plan go on my holls then get back on it when I am home,
Hopefully reaching target in December or Jan but if it take longer it takes longer.

I have brought products of line( eBay)
As all consultants are looking around £70-£80 a week. And I’m managing to buy products around the £50 mark for 21 products. I have also ordered the booklet but got all the information from people have done it that I know. I am using the drinks powders. And only products at the moment.

so to help keep me on my path I have decided to keep a on line journal.

I have to say the product from Cambridge are far superior to the exante ones and no funny tummys.

today the coldness hit and I am actually wearing winter clothes and fluffy socks .

the first few days where not as bad as I thought they would be no carb flu or any thing.

I get a little hungry around product time but one I have had them I am fine.

I love the salted Carmel bites, golden syrup porridge, apple and cinnamon porridge .
Spag bol and chicken curry are lovely also.

I have ordered my self smaller clothes to get in to for my holiday( yes I am being brave and determined ).
Also have stick a photo on the fridge of fat me a few years ago( I was even heavier that I am now like 2 stone more than now).

so if you need a buddy then let me know as I think it helps .

post again tomorrow evening .

stay strong and keep fighting the fat💪🏻🌈🙏🏻
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Day Five

I didn’t do a self weight in today.
It’s been a great day.
I had porridge, my first fruit n nut bar. This was absolutely delicious.
Very filling and a satisfying chocolate coating.
Tonight I had the curry and 80 grams Cucumber.

I have not be able to have a poo for a couple of days so added that in from the approved food list.

I really don’t want to add the protein element of food .

I have ordered some TDR products so I can hopefully have a good loss in the coming weeks.

I have felt a bit light headed and tired today.

when I walked the dog on a short walk this morning my muscles in my thighs felt odd. I guess that’s because of the lack of food.
My husbands been doing the night time walk as I just felt to tired.

I am completely obsessed with this diet and watching vlogs on u tube.
Looking for before and after photos and stories online.

I don’t even want to cheat.
I can’t wait to be lighter.

I have told a couple of people I am doing this diet.
I recommend any one to give this ago who wants to lose weight.
May be your thinking no way I could not do that, but let me tell you not having to think about food and logging it all.
Plus the products I have had are really good compared to other meal replacements

right that’s me for today.
I will post again tomorrow night.

Stay strong and keep fighting the fat🌈👌🏻💪🏻
Day six

today I have got up with the hump.
Nothing to do with the diet.
I didn’t have my first product till 2 today.
I have next to no appetite today.
I have come on.
I had my second product at 7-30 pm.
I had a shake as that’s easy to get down my neck.
I have a sore throat and feel rubbish.

I am planning on have the Carmel bits with my coffee in about half hours time.
So I am going to do my weight in tomorrow.
I did manage to go to the toilet for a number two , so that’s a massive relief for me.

products to day fruit n nut bar, chocolate shake, Carmel bits.

Will post tomorrow.

stay strong and fight the fat 💪🏻🙏🏻🌈
Day seven weigh in day
I have gone from 16 stone6/2lbs to 15 stone10 1/2lbs.

super pleased with this loss.
I can’t quite believe I managed to stick to it if I am honest.
How ever I am in it and managing to stick to it.

not this week but may be next I may go to TDR product these are lower in calories.
I am desperate to get this done as soon as I can.
my husband was so pleased for me

I have had salted Carmel bites
Spag bol and going to have a shake shortly

I will post again tomorrow
Keep fighting the fat 💪🏻🙏🏻🌈
Day 8

I have decided to move to my TDR Cambridge products.
These are lower in calories than standard product.

I had no idea how this was going to go but let me tell you . TDR is not for the faint hearted . It is hard core.
I have been freezing all day. Husband and son in short and t shirt. I have been in legging. Fluffy socks a t shirt and jumper all day.

took the dog for a walk this morning. So I got some exercise in.I think it’s important to move if only for 40 mins or so.

so just had my final product a boy do I feel tired.

I am feeling a little light headed . I am not sure how long I can maintain TDR but would like to do few weeks on this get it do was quickly as possible.

wow the old Cambridge was TDR it’s very low calories 450 I believe. I take my hat of to people that followed that low plan for any amount of time

any way I am still obsessed with looking at Cambridge vloggs , story’s ect.

So I will post tomorrow
Keep fighting the fat 💪🏻🌈🙏🏻
Just a quick up date should of posted these photos on day seven but for got.


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Day 9

I jumped on the scales this morning nd nearly cried it said plus 1lb. WTAF….. I am assuming it’s TOTM water because it’s not food.

I am have 3 TDR shakes a day. The last to shakes I made with cold coffee and made it with more water.

1 vegetable water
A Coke Zero
Loads of water with Cambridge water flavour.

I have been feeling light headed again today.
walked the dog this morning .
I have been busy this morning doing bits and pieces around the house.
My keto sticks came about 2 pm today so I hurried of to the loo hoping the pee stick turns pink……… yes , yes , yes definitely in ketosis now…. And all of a sudden I felt much better about ever thing.

this means I will loss the weight quicker hopefully.
It’s got to go .
People say trust in the process…. Well let me tell you I am praying for the process…. If I can get this done quickly I will be one happy girl for sure.

yes I know ever one wants it done quickly, why oh why did I ever let myself put on so much weight🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.
This has got to be the last time I can’t do this again in a few years time.
So now I am thinking about long term plans.
How am I going to keep the weight off once I get to where I want to be?
In my mind now…. I think going forward chocolates, cakes, biscuits, crisps they have all got to stay out my life not just for a little while, for every !
What’s more important taste or maintained weight loss…. I need to sort this out now my plan that is. So that’s what I am going to be doing…sorting it out or at least thinking about it. This is going to take some time both losing it and planning for the future.

Right well I am going to say good night and I will be posting again tomorrow .
Stay strong keep fighting the fat.💪🏻🙏🏻🌈
Day 10

I have decided not to get on the scales.
Today I feel terrible.
I have had a terrible tummy today.
I ate 3 slices of ham.
3 x TDR chocolate shakes.3 more days and then I can go back to regular products.
This is tough.
I am waiting delivery of TDR, strawberry shakes,and soups.
I plan to do it again but not sure when.

i peed on the keto stick just to have a look yes it’s dark pink, that’s good.

right I am going to chill out for a bit now.
Stay strong peeps keep fighting the fat 💪🏻🙏🏻🌈
Day 11

gt on the scales today…no movement…..not in The best mood . I had more funny tummy today and I came of the diet this afternoon for two meals that where terrible ,high fat and sugar.

new plan no more TDR back to step 1A
So cross with my self but it’s done now.

Next week I am going to loose I telling myself I doubt I will this week .
I will post again tomorrow.
Sorry it’s short and angry today.
Day 12( Monday )

it’s been tough today but I have done the diet with. Small 200 calorie meal.
I did weigh today and that binge cost me a 3 lb gain….. it is what it is

I look at it that I waste my 50 pounds ( cost of my diet roughly a week)

I am not doing this again.

line in the sand and move on.

sorry day 12 is late

say strong and keep fighting the fat 💪🏻🌈🙏🏻
Day 13 Tue

so I had the strawberry and cherry smoothie today amazing flavour really enjoyed it. Fruit n nut bar for lunch . Coke Zero and tuna salad from the allowed food list.
I might not have another product I am not sure yet but I have stuck to my diet and I feel so so happy.

I also have not stepped on the scales which is massive thing for me.

I am still getting periods of light headedness.
I think that’s just because my calories are so low.

All I can think about is being 3 stone lighter than when I started.

Ok so I am going to weigh in Tomorrow
Stay strong and keep fighting the fat
Day 14 wed

so today is weigh in and measurements day.
3lb of in the scales but a massive 11 1/2 inches of me in total.
Gob smacked and very happy with this indeed.

I have had the golden porridge today, chicken noodle soup , first time having that and loved it. I had Carmel bites and fruit n nut bar.
no time to be making meals to day so four products
Day 21

2lb off and 7 inches.
Sorry I have not done a daily log .
currently having issue with my son( high functioning autistic )

I not sure if I am goi g to do daily or weekly.
hope your all well and fighting the fat .
rememwbe to measure and weight.
Day 28
Another 3 lb off and 6 inches… still plucking away at the fat.
Had a few mouthfuls of things I shouldn’t but not blow outs to report. I am trying my hardest
Not to eat any thing not on the approved list.