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Anyone who did green days and now does extra easy?

Is this even if you do a day or couple of days Fern? I'd thought that about the hex's as well as it seems strange as in some ways I eat less at the meals as dont eat the protein part!

I never mix my days during the week, i know it works for others but i cant understand how thats giving your body time to ajust to the plan your following! so i cant comment on that one! but iv tried green twice now since EE came out, gained half one week then the next i gained 2.5. Yep, 2.5frickin lbs, and i was 1.5lbs off target weight at that point too. how pissed off was i?

tried red for a week, lost half. . so now i just stick to EE
i would mix and match green and extra easy sometimes but mostly do extra easy
I've had a couple of weeks where I've had a couple of green days and the EE - 1st week STS, 2nd week lost 1/2lb. Tend to stick to EE as I prefer it - it seems more like "normal" eating to me.

and do you think that works ok for you wee doll?
yeah it deffos does .... although not last week as i had take away food for a whole week lol but i done it my first week back and i lost 3lbs

ive been doing it this week too so il let ya know how i go tonight after weigh in :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
I mix and match between all plans - EE, Green, Red and Mix2Max, restricting EE to a max of 2 days a week. However I have been sticking the the 1/3 superfree whichever plan I'm doing.
I find it works really well for me and I always get a loss doing it this way. The times I don't is because I've had one or more flexi days rather than what plan I'm on!
I struggled with red and green to be honest. I would follow one week and fall of the wagon the following week, With extra easy i love it. Been back at class for three weeks now and be following extra easy for that time and finding it easier to have a loss and not deprive myself for it. x

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