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Anyone Work Nightshifts???


Slimming for my children
i am on a night shift now! hi hi.
I had a jacket with beans and cheese before i left for work.
then i have 2 alpen lights, a banana an apple and a mug shot to see me through.
Also have a 2 litre bottle of water i sip.

whats your shift?
Hi there, I am nightshift tonight aswell (Hello) !!
I work 11pm til 8am at the mo but in April we are getting changed to 8pm til 8am :-(
I had my weigh in tonight so I have just sat and ate the gammon steak, potatoe wedges and mushy peas (delish).
I have homemade chicken noodle soup in with me for through the night as I usually get hungry! Not sure what I should be eating. My body isnt used to this lol. What shift do you work?
I drink lots of water on nightshift then pee like a racehorse lol :)
Do you work your day from 12pm til 12pm? I am not sure how to work this x


Slimming for my children
well i am a mummy and i only do part time, I used to do 12 hr shifts so i know what your going through.
my shift is 2000 till 0300, so i eat breakfast about 11 lunch about 2 and dinner just before i head out the door.

I am so tired already i have had 4 hour sleep and been awake since 6.15 this morning :(
Lucky you!!!! I dont know whether to do split my day up from midnight until midnight the next night. Dont have anything here for breakfast though, just got a couple of apples and a yoghurt. I tend to sleep all day so dont eat much at all!

I'm also on nightshift at the minute. 9pm til 7am.

Been awake since about 4pm, just had coffee and some SW quiche.

Going to make a lasagne and will take some of that to work, will also take fruit, boiled egg and probably a couple of alpen light bars too.

I also drink more water on nightshift, and also more coffee.

Its my first lot of nights on SW so will have to see how it goes on weigh day on thurs. I get weighed in the morning so not sure if I'll lose.

Good luck
K xx
Hi there, I am still nightshift :-( Wish I was at home in my bed!!! I hate being nights as my body clock is all over the place!!
I should be eating when sleeping lol, what do you do? I am sure that your weight loss will be fine huni, keep me posted xXx
i work 7 straight shifts in a row. I was meant to be back shift last week (starting wed). On thursday, the girl that was nightshift (meant to start at 11pm) called me to say that she wasnt feeling well AT 8.15PM!!! I couldnt get anyone else to cover so I had to stay on! I worked from 3.30pm till 8am the next morning, was knackerd. She has not been back since so all my backshifts got changed to do the nightshifts. I did 6 in a row and then I had 1 day off and now doing another 8 straight nights! I am so tired!!! Roll on 7am Sat morning !!!!
I finish at 8am and then i go to get my fat jiggled about for 10mins before I hed home to bed lol (it is a vibrating machine that I go to every day, helps loose the inches and the cellulite)
I can sleep on until 5pm or sometimes even later. When I go to bed, i struggle to get back up. Went to bed today at 10.30am and I never got up until 6.45pm.
Will be up earlier tomorrow night as I have my Zumba on a Wednesday night!
lol! got to love exes for popping up and being all weird..
is that your natural hair colour? it sounds like such a weird question, but i love it! I've got jet black eyebrows and weird light brown hair, i look like gizmo :)... less scary tho ;) x
Its totally naturally, I tried dying it a few years ago a more auburn/red colour but prefer my natural colour. I hope I take after my mum, shes 65 and has almost no grey hair at all
ur welcome! Yeah that is the vibraplate's. You just stand on the machine and it wobbles all the fatty bits of your body for ten mins. You dont hv to do anything. I have lost 5inches from my bust, 2inches from hips, 1inch from waist and 2inches from top of thighs. I def think it is helping with my weight loss aswell. I have had 14 shots on the machine and I paid for the 30 days. Works out at £1 per day, I luv it !!!

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