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Appetite suppressant


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Making the right food choices should help you? If you're eating a lot of foods that don't fill you up, or are poor nutrition-wise, then you will eat more than you should. You shouldn't need a pill to curb your appetite.
What are you eating at the minute (just a rough guide?)


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The commonly used prescribed diet pill that suppresses your appetite is Reductil. I myself have used every diet pill going, but as Irish Mum says, the key is to eat the right foods that fill you up. Most of the time the hungar is in your head, or just cravings. The diet pills will surpress your appetite whilst you are using them, but you cannot stay on them forever, and once you come off them, your appetite will return.

As irish mum suggests, posts what you have been eating, then people can advise you were you are going wrong.
I agree with the others also was wondering if you are still drinking at least 2 litres of water a day as this will also help fill you up may be yo aren't hungry if your portions are large it could be that you are thirsty?? may be try reducing your portions?? if you eat large portions your body is going to want more and more food as its used to it!!:) hope this helps....
i agree with soon2byummymummy - most of us confuse hunger with thirst apparently. maybe next time you're hungry - get a glass of water or something and see how you feel 30 mins later.

good luck hun x
I agree with what's been said - I think hunger is often in our heads & a reaction to feeling deprived because we're trying to eat "properly". Also, keep the water up if you aren't! As you'll know from LT, it really will make a big difference to how hungry you feel! But, if you talk to your doctors I'm sure they'll be able to advise you on an appetite suppressant, I've never taken them myself as I know hunger isn't my issue.

Good luck :)



please try again
you say you know your portions are large so have you tried to cut them back? made sure whats on the plate is low cal? used low cal vegetables to fill up on?
i agree with the others, keep up your water intake to make sure your well hydreated and it keeps you some what fuller between meals too

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