Are CD products ok to take through airport security ?


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Next Wednesday I am going to Johannesburg for 2 weeks and Nigeria for 5 days (working) and am REALLY worried I will go mad and put on loads of weight so want to take lots of shakes with me.
Just wondered if anyone has ever had problems getting CD products through airport security.
Would they count as food and so be restricted ?
Will they think I am going to build bombs with them ?
Will my hand blender count as a weapon of mass destruction ? :p
I would have to take at least 60 so would be pretty peeved if they got confiscated at the airport as it will cost a small fortune to replace them.
Any ideas ?
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You should be able to put them through in your check-in luggage no problem... it's in hand luggage they can cause problems.

I understand some people have had issues in Australia (I presume for not declaring it on the card and then them being seen in the luggage via xray) so make sure you declare you have food stuffs if asked about it.


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as long as you declare that you have food, you shouldnt have a problem
i got through fine through aus and hong kong, so shouldnt be a problem
but if you are worried either contact the airport, or your airline and speak to them

as for the blender thing, i would put it in you suitcase... not your hand luggage as well :)


please try again
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can i come with you? lol


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Not allowed to Aus or NZ, even in check in luggage, they are REALLY strict on anything milk-based and most CD packs are based on dried milk. I was advised not to try in 2009 when I went out there, as others had had sniffer dog type disasters like you might see on those customs TV shows and all their supplies confiscated. So Kes, you were very lucky.

I went to Singapore first, and took some bars there, nobody cared a bit... but saw a big difference at Aus/NZ borders.

No idea of rules on Nigeria or SA but doubt it would be as strict?



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Looks like the best thing to do is contact the destination airport and ask their Customs' advice


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I took the to the US a couple of years ago and had to declare them but customs were fine, not as strict as Aus or NZ, I found the info I needed from the US customs website. So may be worth seeing if you can find the SA and Nigerian customs website. I'm from SA and their customs are not as strict as Aus etc but be aware that on X-ray the packs look like drugs so make sure you declare. I know that probably hasn't been much help x