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Are cooked vegetables better for weight loss than salad?


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Hi there!

I couldn't really think of a less confusing title, sorry! I was just wondering whether lots of salad can slow down weight losses, and whether cooked veggies are better?

Or is there no difference? If anybody knows I'd be really interested in hearing people's views :)

Sian xxx
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Ooooh i really dont know hunny. I wouldnt have thought it makes a difference, but i do know that if you boil veggies to within an inch of their life, they do lose some of their goodness/nutrients in the cooking process. would have thought salad was fine though xx


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I very much doubt lots of salad would slow down weight loss, even in the slightest!
Superfree food is basically all the stuff that when you weigh up the calories they contain and the amount of calories it takes for your body to chew, digest, break down and pass through, they work out as zero (or even minus!)

They are all packed with nutrients and good things so don't stress about eating too many non-starchy veggies or salad stuff
I would actually think that uncooked veg are better for you because they are more work for your system to break down and digest and have none of the nutrients boiled out of them. Thats not a scientists verdict by the way, just mine, bored Mum of 3, Merseyside!


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I think salad (lettuce) is less filling that 'proper vegetables' because it has more water. So although there should be no reason why eating salad slows your losses, I can see how you might end up eating more of other foods just because it's not as filling. And in that case it could be the other foods that slow the weight loss.
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I find that after salad im still peckish and that leads to naughty nibbles - after say a roast dinner with 3 or 4 veg varieties Im pretty much stuffed!
However this is just me and Im an insignificant!


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Thank you all for the really useful replies :) I was just wondering really, but as a couple of people have said, it's probably the fact that salad doesn't fill you up as much that it might slow weight loss if we then go and eat more of other things :)

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