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are the shakes soups and bars nice?


I started today and so far have had the vanilla, mushroom soup and choc shake

I have to say although not as sweet as some of the other products available they are quite nice!

The mushroom soup I think has been the best today! although I did add a little pepper and salt :D
do you know about the drink mixers?
If they are the same as LL then yes you can I believe
whats LL?
hey , I love all the products , I have done CD and Lipotrim in the past and hated the soups , but the exante ones are fab . The shakes are not very sweet but really thick and creamy and fill you up well :) I love the bars , some people hate them , its all personal taste I guess !
As for the water flavours , I hear that the xante ones are quite high carb and can effect ketosis , I have some CD ones which i am using at the moment , you can also have a little coke zero and dr pepper zero and tesco do still water with a hint of apple and a strawberry one which are ok x Hope that helps


will achieve target
HI Foofoo ... I have done lipotrim in the past and hated the soups and meal bars they were mingin lol so I was really worried that I wouldn't like the meals on exante but I can honestly say with hand on heart that they are fantastic xx the bars are yummy and the shakes like the others have said are lovely and not overly sweet .. and the soups are actually quite tastey and I like to have them for tea so I can sit to the table and eat soup with the family whilst they are having their tea .. GO FOR IT .xxx
I love the shakes but not the soups or bars (I use tesco ultra slim bars instead)
The shakes taste nice with a spoon of coffee in them :D

Exante water flavouring has a very high carb content so I would give them a miss if I were you.
If you have any Cambridge diet counsellers near you then ask them to sell you some water stuff, I did and they all said yes even though I'm not doing that diet. It's still making a profit for them.

You can also have some other waters including Tesco still strawberry. There is a sticky on other drinks you can have in the main section.
thanks guys, ive already bought the water mix blue, but its ok, ill use it every so often just for a bit of a change. if i dont like it, its only a tenner lost
Best Thai Chicken
Worst Tomato and Basil

Milkshakes are all on a par. If only they did a peanut butter one I would be happier.

Bars I think are great. I would buy these as a normal treat/snack
I think your first few days is always going to be just sussing out which ones suit your tastes and which don't. My thinking was it's hard enough sticking to this diet in the first place so you should like the taste of what you are eating/drinking or else it would be easy to fall off the tracks. I like 3 of the shakes but only 1 of the soups so have been sticking mainly to shakes and ebaying the extras. Both bars are ok enough but I found I like the tesco bars much more so I stick to those.

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