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Are there benefits to weighing in everyday?

I am a serial weigher. If I lose it's great but if I don't it can ruin my mood for the day.
I am trying very hard to weigh in only once a week and take this as my weekly loss. I use MFP but only update my weight once a week on it xx
There was a thread on here for those of us who weigh every day.. It was a bit silly but fun...

Personaly.. Yes I tend to weigh every day but as jessica said it can ruin your mood..And I would only log once a week..

It really is a personal thing I think.
I weigh in far more than I should (which is why I stopped weighing entirely for the first 6 months of my diet) and the only benefit is learning about your body. It has been an eye-opener for me about which foods make me retain water and what times of the month I am heavier day-to-day. I never see it as real 'gain' though, just a fluctuation. I agree with everyone here, it's not good for your head to weigh too much and logging once a week is definitely best :)
i used to weigh every day but it just made me so frustrated and the variation in my weight from day to day was so rediculous that i knew i had to change my routine...

now i weigh once a month and i think its great because any little blips that you have are balanced out throughout the month, and if you are really good all month you get to see a nice 'high' weight loss all in one go, rather than watching it come off drip by drip!

i would never go back to weighing every day, but its a personal choice xxx
I am another serial weigher, but it really effects my mood each day...

I think I might switch to monthly weigh ins :)
I honestly can't see any good in weighing everyday. I only do it occasionally, but when I do it can really upset me, especially if I have been working hard at it. Your weight fluctuates so much depending on so many different things. I would just stick to once a week. :)
I'm terrible for weighing every day. Personally I think it has its uses, like Morrigan said I've learned alot about my body, which foods make me retain weight etc, and I sometimes find it useful when I'm finding it hard to get my head in the game (lots of "Oh it's monday, if I eat this chocolate bar it will have gone by Friday when I WI so it doesn't matter"). I definitely agree that it can be a real mood spoiler though and on balance I think once a week is better.
im awful for weighing in daily, someone needs to hide my scales! it always make me feel really down tho! like if ive not lost weight ill feel miserable because i though id not eaten much that day but it doesnt work like that!


Cruisin' for a losin'!
Our scales are rubbish, in fact any that come into my house seem to go the same way, I think it's because uit's damp, so they say a slightly different weight every time you stand on them! I end up doing it 3 or 4 times and (the shame) picking the result I like the sound of best ;P


*reformed* sugar junkie
I weigh every day and it works for me, I don't despair if it's up one day and down the next because I know it fluctuates naturally, but I like to know that what I'm eating is keeping me reasonably on track (i.e. I'm losing overall!). I only log it once a week though as I go weigh myself in Boots that day and then staple the little printout into my diary...sad I know lol.
Nah, it is not sad. Or if it is, then I'm sad too lol. I love changing the figures in my signature on here and stuff on weigh in day :)
I read somewhere that some people require the need to see quick short term small results and that weighing each day motivates them (myself included) I wish I was more 'the weekly goal' type of weigher, must be amazing to see 2/3lb difference each week rather then .2lbs etc. (although I'm not complaining of .2 daily loss, I wish it would happen each day) After a day of too much sodium I conveniently forget to weigh myself the next day though :-& x

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