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Red Days Are there many red day folks?


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I used to follow the red plan because carbs tend to make me gain weight but when EE came in it seemed to work for me because it wasn't 100% carbs, and I still follow it now. I'm basically following the red plan but with half the amount of HE's, twice as much veg and a small amount of carbs. I feel like it fills me up more than if I just had meat & veg, and I used to struggle getting all the A's and B's anyway.

Just because no one else is following it, doesn't mean you can't. Give it a go :)


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I joined 12 wk ago and my c only mentioned EE but tried it and didn't work for me so i do a combination or red & green and only do EE if i'm going out.
Do which plan works best for you!


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I like all of the plans.... Tried them all and I like Red the best to be honest! Its good for fry ups and you have the flexibility of having the extra HE's. But I don't think I could stick to one plan forever... the beauty of sw is that you have the flexibility of all three if you want it x


I do red and ee :) x

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I do all 3 but I suppose i do at least 3-4 red days a week . I like the extra heb and I love veg so find it easy to stick with

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I do mostly red with a couple of EE days thrown in. I find I don't have much of a loss if any if I am doing just EE, but will lose a pound or so if I mix it up.


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I do mainly red with green probably once a week and EE every now and again. :D

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I'm loving red days as I get to make cheese and meat melts using a healthy extra a cheese & b bread/pitta plus any lean protein and grilling it...plus I get to have another set of healthy extras that I can spend on cereals or milk so it's not as limited as extra easy where you have to be careful how you spend your healthy extras plus I tend to lose better on red or green days anyway.