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Are there new books coming soon?

what does yours look like? think theres new cookbooks coming, as the Italian is down to £2.95 and the weekdays is down to £3.95.. but all the other stuff was available at full price today.
I can give you back your old one if you want, till the new one comes out - think its the 2008 one you gave me. Let me know and i will sort out getting it to you.

Remember, I can also get you fruities etc when I am up (next weekend) to save you paying the postage (what with me being a gold member....best not stand on their scales mind!!!)
Ooohhh a Fruitie supplier ;) One of the MANY things I cant wait to have again... Id love it you could get me Licquorice Fruities - LOTS of them :giggle:

Im being bloody minded about my books lol I loaned them to my oldest friend who has totally ignored my birthday this year.... I just dont want to phone or text her as I KNOW she'll say 'Oh Ive been meaning to phone you' Ive dug my heels in and want to see how long itll take her to get back in touch lol
That's called cutting off your nose to spite your face, m'lady....:p:p

consider it done on the fruities front - I will check when there is a class and get my lardy bott along there before the weekend.

Must arrange a rendezvous over the weekend then - have asked Jen for any free slots in her social calendar.;)
I know it is Rosie but shes been a dead loss for years, she stays one street away from mum, her parents are in the same street but she cant get a birthday card to me?? She didnt even text!! Weve been friends since we were 14 and I just feel too much is a one way street. I want to see now how long itll take her to contact me, what she says and if she even acknowledges my birthday.

Last time we arranged a girls night out, we were due to meet at 1945 and she phoned at 1930 when I was on my way to the restaurant with Jen to say she was ill :rolleyes: Hopeless, absolutely hopeless, and Im just fed up making excuses for her

Hmmmmmm seem to have gone slightly off topic there :rotflmao:
My shopping is guide is quite old (has oranges on the front). Do the new guides have the Basics ranges in? I was hoping other shops like Aldi/Netto/Lidl might start appearing in them too, and I shop between alot of the shops

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