are u all watching carbs as well

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  1. willtoloose

    willtoloose Full Member

    before having brown bread, i was thinking how many can i eat as it has carbs more thn fats
    more over any1 who is loosing weight can give me n estimate how how much carb fat ratio r u taking
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  3. bunny_hops

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    Exante TS was using Xenical and eating low fat and low cal. Exante baby!!!
    I think when you first start taking Xenical, you're better off just counting the fat and keeping to 1200 calories + a day...counting carbs as well does complicate things and for some reason has sent a few people on a weight loss spiral...I think doing too much gets a bit hairy...

    If you want to watch the carbs then use my fitness pal, it calculates it all for you. you'd be better off switiching from fine milled white to wholemeal sources, brown rice, pasta etc
  4. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    I hate to say this but brown rice, wholemeal bread etc, whilst better for you nutritionally than processed white versions, are still very high in carbohydrate. The difference in dieting terms is pretty much zero.

    Never used Xenical but know from close friends how it works and how careful you have to be about fat intake. Side-effects if you overdo fats sound pretty scary lol. But my brother's mate lost five stones on it. He simply did as he was told and followed the plan as best he could.

    All the very best, everyone!
  5. Jude"123

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    xenical; following WW propoints :)
    the difference in carbs in wholemeal pasta/spag/bread/rice is that they are complex carbs, so it takes longer to digest, therefore speeding metabolism, same as complex carbs in fruit and veg (some exceptions but im not sure what, probably avacado and potatoes etc)

    but i wouldn't worry too much about carbs, as long as they are from complex sources, they won't effect the xenical, just stick to fat content or like someone has sed, the weightloss spiral occures and u end up obbssessing about fat and carbs, then sodium, then oops what about protein, oh no what about sugar, and before u know it....hello plateau!!!

    ide say i ratio at about 20/40/40 for fat/carb/protein

    good luck hun xxxx
  6. willtoloose

    willtoloose Full Member

    thanks all :D
  7. Tiitanium

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    Low Fat/Exercise
    i never counted calories or carbs , only fat content .. but i do believe that eating at least 1500 calories is teh way i think 1200 is far too little (that comes from my personal trainer course side of my mind).. x
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