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Are you 100% abstinent??? POLL!!

ARE YOU 100% abstinent???

  • Stick 100% all the time!

    Votes: 24 58.5%
  • Have had one/2 slip ups, never again!!!

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • Cheat regularly........

    Votes: 13 31.7%

  • Total voters
Not strayed one iota me. 110% since January 8, 2008. :) (I can't even believe it.....it is SO not like me!!!)
It's cos your a living legend hun xx
Bless you Blue G! But I am really just someone trying their hardest to do something for themselves....finally.....after years and years of trying. ANd for some reason, this time, I got it, and am living and breathing my commitment to myself. It's long overdue.

And, as I have said before - I could not do it without the great support of people like you, and everyone else on this forum. :)



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I'm on CD SS and have been 100% since I started on 7th April.


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Did you all find being 100% easy? or hard?
Doing 100% makes the diet much easier to do and you will finish your journey quicker. First time is the Golden Time.

Best to make the most of it.

Nibbling leads to more nibbling...falling off the wagon is the end result and getting back on again is very difficult, staying back on is even harder for the old Chatterbox works over time:rolleyes:
I agree with Mini. It has been a no-brainer. Easiest diet I have ever done. I have learned I am an "all or nothing" kind of gal....so this is magic. I know, if I were to take one day off, or even just one meal - that would be it. The next day, I can guarantee, there would be an excuse for something else...maybe two things. Then the next day, maybe three. And so on. It's just not worth it.

Plus - the whole point of this diet is to learn about food and control, and our relationship with food, and why no other diet in the world ever worked leading us to a rather hard core approach.....so can not see embedding myself in a diet that works by being abstainant, if I am going to go ahead and eat something anyway?

If that were the case, would have kept doing Slimming World. For the rest of my life. lol

Once you are in the zone, and its working - stay with it! Then its DONE! I cannot think of a single circumstance that would make this diet impossible to do for either a day or a meal or whatever. Sure, some might be awkward - and one might feel self-conscious - but it can be done anytime, anywhere.

You are asking good questions Jelly!! :)


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I found it hard at the beginning, but once I got into the swing of things it became second nature.

A while ago I made the conscious decision to go into RTM a bit early, I kept putting it off for 'one more week' loadsa times.

RTM is harder I think.


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I was having a shakey moment last night, had really allowed that chatterbox to take over, was in such a foul mood, even my mum said "just eat some chicken or something" Now 1st time doing lighterlife, i DID cheat......all the time after week 2, but i KNOW deep in my heart, i NEED to do it differently this time, as obviously it never worked last time or i wouldnt be here! lol.
Well i kept with it,, and here i am, much more positive and most importantly, abstinent. I am VERY proud of myself!! It really helps to hear that it becomes easier. The majority of the time i am feeling really good about it and positive, but the odd time im getting these weak shakey moments...........i will stay strong, for me, i WILL be slim!!!
Thanks xx


constantly confused
Wooo hoooo!!!!!!! Well done!!

Every time you achieve something like that (and with someone actively encouraging to cheat as well!) it just shows that you CAN do it, and that you WILL do it.

Keep it up, those moments of weakness will become fewer and fewer, and every time you get through one it will give you the strength to get through the next without a hiccup.

Last night was all the proof you needed that you're strong enough to remain 100% on track.
Well DONE Diane!!! FAB!!!!!! You are defiantely getting into the right mindset. Iam happy for you, and can't wait to hear of all your continuing success, and revelations on your way down th scales!!!

Keep it up girl!! You WILL succeed!!!

And as for your mum, as lovely as she may be - you tell her this: :whoopass: :D



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Thanks for the praise girls! It really helps, and i know i CAN do it! My mum doesnt quite understand the importance of complete abstinence for me, god love her, she thinks so long as i lose weight thats all that matters, but i know i need to do this so that i will be able to maintain my goal weight. But she is proud of me for sticking with it, just hated to see me so miserable last night!
You are all an inspiration to me, and i know if you girls have done it, then so can i! Its my weigh in tomorrow so will let you know how i get on!
And many thanks again!
Diane xx


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Well done Jellybabie. I'm glad to say that I have been 110% abstinent since november last year...I'm too scared not to be!!! I've seen how difficult it is to get back in to the zone!! :eek:


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WOW Bexnkev! Thats fantastic!! WELL DONE!! So are finding it alot easier than in the first couple of weeks??

Diane xx
I haven't really found it too bad all the way through to be honest... I knew it was do or die...literally and the focus came from there...I'm still stunned at how much I have actually managed to lose!!

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