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Are you a daily weigher??? Long post....


Serial Dieter!
I've had a shocker of a week with a v poor weight loss of 1.5lb :cry: but I found this info and thought I would share it with my lovely CD friends!

Research has shown that weighing yourself daily is the best way to maintain weightloss. Successful slimmers who have lost a significant amount of weight are more likely to maintain that loss if they weigh themselves everyday. Improbable as it sounds it's a proven fact!

However when losing weight it can be frustrating to see the scales stay the same..... or worse see them move upwards overnight! So is there any research that suggestst that weighing daily is actually detrimental to a weightloss campaign? Errrmmmm.... NO!
So I have done a bit of self research and found that there is an interesting app for dieters who weigh daily... it's called true weight...
So I'm going to enter my calories and daily weight and it's supposed to tell you what your 'true weight' is and iron out the fluctuations!
It takes around a month to work it out properly, but then it gives the bigger picture.... I'll update you on it's usefulness and value for money... the app cost 99p
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Being a serial weigher myself, this should be interesting :)

No matter what they say, I think that during the weight loss stage it helps me to weigh myself every day even tho I KNOW that the scales won't go down every day. I have never found it to be a discouraging thing to do, frustrating sometimes, like STS weeks, but it's never made me feel like wanting to give up!
cool it makes sense because if you are watching your weight all the time in maintance you do something about it quick instead of pretending u are ok.
app sounds great shame they don't do it online.
I think its helps. If youve gained a few poynds in a few days, you know to correct it soon.
I also find it keeps me on track and i always weigh every morning (and every night!)

i think it does depend on the person though as some people are easily disheartened and can go off track if they dont see the figure they want to!


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My weight fluctuates by as much as 4lb between early morning and last thing at night. Just get used to what the 'norm' is and you'll soon see if it's going down
Am also a daily weigher and have always found when I am avoiding the scales it's because I know I am putting on weight and eating badly. The app sounds interesting and will look it up!


Must do it this time
Im a serial weigher too and i find that it helps me as if i only weighed myself once a week and stayed the same at the end of the week i would be fuming,but at least i know day to day how my weight is going so im not disappointed as such....if you get what i mean ;)
i got to the point last week were i was weighing myself every half an hour haha. i've stopped that thankfully!

I know for a fact my scales are totally different to my CDC though, so even when i do go and weigh myself daily all i can do is see whether the weight has gone up or down.
drives me crazy!
I'm guilty of this too...so i'm pleased to see something positive about it for a change.

Thanks for sharing Alipally :)
Another great and free app for android is Libra, which tracks your weight daily, and shows your true weight. It also tells you your goal date and lots of other data, like monthly loss
I can only speak for myself but I find daily weighing just another manifestation of addiction! The problem is that the scales can become your 'god' and if you see a result you don't like - for whatever reason - it can and does affect your mood and behaviour for the rest of the day. For some people that can lead to slips and even self-loathing-filled binges.

Daily weighing often leads to several times a day weighing. Since fluid and hormone levels change throughout the day, every day, particularly in women, the result on the scale can be 'false'. Therefore daily weighing can be very misleading.

One key question is this - can you NOT weigh every day? Are you now sort of compelled to do it? Do you feel you just cannot resist jumping on those scales?


Not suggesting that everyone has a problem but I honestly believe that once a week or, at the most, twice, is the maximum nunber of times we should weigh ourselves.

I realise that you will of course just carry on doing what you are already doing but if a fair number of expert and other sources advise to NOT weigh daily, there has to be a very good reason.

All the best, peeps!


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I am in week 2 and I weight myself daily, but only if it's 1st thing before food/ coffee for consistency. My scales transmit the weight to an app on my phone so I have an easy record -Withings it is called. It's not an addiction for me, yet lol, but because I am interested to see what effect there is from the diet. The scales also do tell me part of the pound so I can see small changes, which is encouraging to know.


Loves being slim!
I admit I do like to weigh every day when I'm losing weight. I also tend to avoid the scales when I think I've not been 'Good'. I find that as long as I can see some progress it gets me through the hard times.
Im a serial weigher, but Im not nearly as bad as I used to be. It got to the point where my brother hid my scales in the loft, and at 2am one morning, there I was at the top of the stairs standing on a chair, trying to get them, he them locked them in the boot of his car.! Thankfully Im not nearly as obsessed now. once in the morning after ive had a wee, and before I drink anything. Occationally in the evening. I do get panikied if it doesnt show a loss though.

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