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Are you always cold?


Plod, plod, plod.....


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I never used to feel the cold, but now I never feel warm, except when I wake up in bed in the morning. I think I read somewhere that this was due to Ketosis, does anyone know? And do you all feel cold too?
Oh yes !!! Thank goodness that is all behind me now.
I invested in bed socks and a single electric blanket for my side of the bed LOL. Hubby wasn't going to sleep in a heated bed, so our compromise was that i had a single sized blanket.
But CD is ;)worth every shiver and shake !!!!!!
Good luck with the diet.


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I am freezing ALL the time. I have the heating on constantly, and my other half is melting! I am sooo cold. My hands are always cold, no matter what.
I'm always freezing so I don't think I've noticed any difference!:D
I have been cold all day and everyone else is roasting! My nose feels like ice.
Worth is though.


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Yes, I'm the same - always cold. I'm going shopping later and I'm planning on buying a couple of thermal vests to see if they will warm me up.
Yup, been constantly cold since on the diet too. Apparently this is due to the fact that because you are not eating your body is not generating the heat that it does when you are eating.


Plod, plod, plod.....
Thankyou for all the responses and support everyone it's much appreciated. :thankyou:
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Hi Bess, great to see how well you are doing! What is it about your CDC that you are not happy about? Mine is in Brewood (which is south staffs) so not too sure if this is too far for you. I live in the next village along, Coven. I could maybe ask her for details of any other CDC's in your area if you let me know where you are?


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I live near Ludlow.
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I must admit I'm colder than usual today..brrrrr!
I'm so glad to read this affects other peolpe on this diet too (not glad that you're all cold though!) I used to be a really hot person in general but since starting CD have got a heater on permanently in my office & need the heating on at home as well as fluffy socks & dressing gown.

Are there any CDC's on here who can explain the actual reason for this?
Yep I am freezing all the time too! So glad I found this thread as I was wondering why i'm always so cold. I was putting it down to drinking so many litres of cold water every day but my hands are like ice.

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