arggghhh just need to get it off chest


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Hi all

Well where do i start, well firstly kids off school and was so looking forward to getting back to swimming and finally shifting ass of couch and doing stuff, ive been stuck in this house since boxing day grrrr so yes im a bit miffed off, im single so nobody to have kids if i do go out, so thats half problem.

I cant move my car to get out to shops and its like a bloody ice rink where i live as we not near the main road, so yesterday my poor son went shops but could only get bits as would of been to heavy.

Yesterday class was cancelled which is fair enough but it was my first weighin back and to top it off my scales saying that ive sts :eek::eek::eek: wtf is that all about, but im giving ee the benefit of the doubt and sticking with it for a good month and hoepfully should drop off

Today feel better but yesterday i was just crying cos im stick of stayin in house and cant get anywhere as said before, i ran outta hifi bars and they my chocolate fix for night, im just gonna have to keep my milk for night time so can put hot chocolate in it

Feel better now after moan im sorry all, but i really do hope this diet is going to work this time for me as took foreva to lose 10lbs last year, but im more focus and eating on the plan correct and not putting the odd thing in mouth. i think what made it worse is that when i got weighed first time was in jeans and when i checked yesterday on scales at home it was sts and i was in pjs :eek: thats blooming worse.

Well getting on wii soon with son and having time with him as he probably just as bored with staying in at home bless he only 6 with aspergecs and cant go out to play, but then again i wouldnt let him out tbh.

God ive rambled on lol thanks for listening and i think most in same boat but be nice to hear from anyone :D
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lol............. i think i can officially diagnose you with the same as me.. you have Cage Fever!
hope you feel better after that.. sometimes just does ya good to let it all out.. and out... and out... and out....:-D
If you lived near me I would mind the kids for you, i know just how you feel.. even though i have OH he works from stupid o'clock to stupid o'clock.
Anyway... heres bums up to a better rest of the day! the snow wont be here for ever and you will get out again and you will get to eat your choc fix bars again :)


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Hey, horrible being stuck at home isn't it. I have a sister with Aspergers, and a niece with Autism so I know how hard it can be caring for a special needs child AND being stuck indoors!! I don't drive so can't do much at the best of times unless OH is home. Hopefullyl it won't be long and the schools will re-open so you can get a break!! *hugs* xx


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Being stuck at home with small children, with no adult conversation for days on end, is really hard!! You vent.