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arghhhh how do u cope??


Playing the Angel
Write down why you want to be thin, health and looks wise, go for a walk, step away from the kitchen!!! look at pics of sexy lingerie and imagine yourself in it, go for a long hot bath, go out and treat yourself to a nailpolish, new book or something, just stay away from the roast!!!!!!!

Think of the scales!!! My sgt at work cooked a full Scottish breakfast this morning for everyone the smell was amazing but I somehow managed to ignore it.

Youd thoroughly enjoy the roast as you ate it but then - imagine how youd feel. Go and distract yourself while its cooking.

You can do it x
Aw thank you so much! i think i might go and have a bath to take my mind off it!

I can do this, I can do this!!! :D

Lucie xxxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
...and remind yourself that roast dinners like that aren't going anywhere! You can have one down the line... just not today... :)

All that lovely food we adore, will always be there... that thought makes me feel a lot less deprived... so hope it helps you too...

You're doing soooo well girl... we're all with ya! And feel your pain, trust me!! lol...

;) xx
Sorry Jez i missed ur first reply! I actually sell sexy lingerie so I just need to look at all the ones id like to fit into!! :D

Pinkie, You are so right! its only months im going to be going without and at the end of that im gonna be gorgeous and happy so its worth the wait! :p:cool: lol

The roast is on the table being eaten by the kids & ive not looked at it or gone by them hahaha Im drinking my water & looking forward to my soup! ;)

I sell bluebella items, usually through parties (like ann summers but classier and our products are MUCH better quality) but I also can do online orders so if you fancy anything message me the order and your card details and i can do you a discount and get it delivered directly and descretely to your door!
have a look at www.bluebella.com for online catalogues.

Think boutique quality and thats what our lingerie is like!

Lucie xxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Oooh yeah... just looked at the lovely lingerie... WANT!!


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
omg Pinkie, are you my other self, I only know 1 other person apart from me who does the whole "WANT" thing :)


ps will reply properly to pm tomorrow
Well, tbh I am getting the freaky feeling that we might be separated at birth J! Lol... ;)

Same age too... Not born in October were you?! :eek:

/Look forward to your pm.. :)


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Phew. ;)

I cooked a roast today and made a few meals for the week, i made sure id had a shake and a huge glass of fizzy water before i started though! I'm happy to tell you i wasn't tempted at all, and now there are 3 meals in the fridge that just need heating up in the microwave.
Also, a tip i've always used, is make sure you have some olbas oil and put a few drops onto a hankie, sniffing that before you prepare a meal can also help, as that smell sticks in your nose.....and if nothing else, at least you'll have clean sinuses!!!

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