ARRGGHH!! Urgent help needed please!!!!


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Hope someone can help me- i've been on 1200 cals for the last week or so and have been really really "good" and lost 5lbs so far (yay!)

However, i woke up this moring to find that its my nans birthday and my dad is planning on getting a chinese takeaway tonight to celebrate- now, normally i would see this as good thing but now i have to work out what i can have without sabotaging my diet! I really cant get out of it without starting a family row- so what do people reccomend i have??

and do people know any "average" calories that popular dishes have per dish? (obviously i know it won't be the same but it would be nice to have a rough number so i can at least try and work out a rough figure!!)

Thanks for your help, if you can help me!!!:):):):):)
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Well done Mel! And what a dilemma eh?!! I think one way around it, if no other can be found, is to look them up in the WW eating out guide. I think someone said that 1 WW point is roughly 70 cals, so maybe you can work it out that way....other than that I don't know I'm afraid. I have the WW guide, but it's at home. Am sure someone will come up with a better idea though!

Other than that, just have a nibble on whatever you fancy, it's only one evening after all! I had pizza at the weekend, and still lost. Just don't go mad!!! Have a good time :D


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I tend to have chow mein with no sauce- either the veg/chicken or king prawn type. I eat all of the meat/fish & veg & only some of the noodles. Avoid fried rice (er duh! LOL!) and things like prawn/chicken balls- stuff that'll be obviously greasy? Its the way things are cooked and the sauces added that pack on the fat/cals, so just take time to study the menu- don't be afraid to ask for something cooked a certain way and remember- it's only one night?
Oh- and a warning- in my case anyway I am ALWAYS a few lbs heavier the next day or two after eating a chinese- but its because of the sodium, I retain fluid like a bit*h so glug down plenty of water to help flush out my system? It goes away though so don't panic if it happens to you?


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Good advice! Stick with boiled rice and non-saucy stuff and you'll be fine. Enjoy!


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I found this: Eating out: make the right choices

If it were me, I'd have the chicken chow mein. Noodles already in, no need for calorie-laden rice.... very filling too.


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chicken chow mein is my dish of choice, so glad to hear thats its a good choice, also usualy end up sharing a sweet and sour chicken, BUT i only have chinese 2/3 times a year as bf aint a fan so i know its not gonna happen all that often.


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Noodles are low in fat, am I correct? I have that with chinese mixed vegetables. Our menu has a little 'heart' symbol next to low fat dishes which is really helpful.


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good luck babe & enjoy it...just count the cals next day..we always allowed a little cheat now & then & just get right back on it!