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I officially hate family gatherings.

Long story... are you sitting comfortably then i'll begin....

Right, I live in manchester, but my Mum (who's a widow) lives in North Wales, I actually teach in North Wales and commute daily. Two reasons, 1, the school is brilliant and 2, I can check on Mum everyday (she's housebound, pretty ill and stuff). My brother lives in London and this weekend he's arrived home with his wife for the first time since Christmas.

Since arriving he's sneered at the fact I'm doing lipotrim, he's been shoving food under my nose to try and tempt me, he's been going on about the health problems I'm bound to end up with (he's a biochemistry PHd) and has generally been vile and unpleasant. Nothing too new there, I havent got on with him since my Dad died. However, I am now in a position where I feel like recoiling into a corner and keeping away from everyone.

Yesterday was really hard, I sat in a restaurant while everyone else stuffed their faces and I drank black coffee and soda water. I still havent had even a morsel of food, too scared of messing up the great results I've had already.

My boyfriend is being equally unsupportive. He cant understand what the big deal is, why i need to take such drastic measures. He's about 11 stone soaking wet so he's not much use at all. We've been having loads of problems recently anyway, and to be honest all this negativity makes me see him for who he really is, not the kind of person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

The fact is, its all a bit sh*tty here, could do with a few encouraging words to keep me going, you guys are great on this forum, glad i've met you all.

I'm gonna go now and soak in the bath, everyone has gone out and I've got the house to myself, thank god....

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Ah honey sorry you're having a hard time!!! The diet you are doing is fantastic - a miracle cure for those of us who are food addicts!! Don't listen to them, they have not clue about what we go through or anything about the diet!!

LL has transformed my life beyond belief - i'm a much happier and confident person with an amazing social and dating life!! Something that was severely lacking in my fat days!!

Stick with it hun, draw strength from thinking about how gorgeous and fit and healthy you will be when you get to goal.... and goal is only just around the corner for you!!

Have a lovely day....
Ahhh Livvy sorry to hear your down in the dumps hun xxxx

think of who your doing this diet for is it you or others ????

At the end of the day this is one weekend you can get through ignore the comments your brother will be out of shot soon enough and the boyfriend ignore him and show him you can do it and dont really need his support keep your chin up chicken :wavey: :grouphugg:


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Hi Livvy,

Surprising as it may seem no one really likes change:sigh: while this is your goal to lose weight, it is not others and this is what you have to remember.

When we change one thing in our lives it does have a knock on effect of some sort or another as nothing does stay the same.

At the moment your life is working very well for those around you and by you changing yourself by losing weight sets off alarms whether consciously or subconsciously in others.

Your brothers response is one of self preservation in that he probably fears that if you lose weight and gain in confidence you might get promotion or decide to take on new commitments and perhaps not be available to look after your mother as you do now, so that would leave him in a position of feeling guilty that he was not doing enough. As for now your doing a perfectly good job and this relieves him of responsibility. He has delicated the job as main carer for your mother to you.

Also your boyfriend would have similar fears about you changing and perhaps he feels he would not be good enough and that you might want someone better than him.

This is about what you want for yourself and you need to give yourself the permission to go for it, your an adult and you do not need anyones permission.

Perhaps you could give you brother some reading material on the research into vlcd's:confused: Somehow I don't think this will make much difference as I do feel the issue is about change and what the future may hold.

We can all be kept down by being made feel guilty for daring to want to change and this is where counselling comes in as it helps you find your way.

Big hugs.

Love Mini xxx

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I too have a lot of negativity around me, mainly from hubby. He has been a nightmare...eating all the things I used to binge on, like crisps and chocolate.
He has even tried the diet for 5 days but couldnt face a few weeks without food or vodka.
So for those few days he could understand what I was going through.
But how long did his understanding last??????? 5 minutes, he ordered himself a chinese. Well I did have a wobble and thought blow it, but now its sheer determination, I am going to show him I can succeed. He is also feeling very very insecure, and keeps saying the men will be after you now your losing weight.

You must put yourself first, even if it means being selfish.
Be strong and keep posting we are all here to help you in any way we can.


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Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. I am so determined to get myself sorted and keep on this. I havent waivered at all, and thats something i keep reminding myself about!

I agree with what everyone said, especially the part about being selfish to a certain degree. I spend most of my life doing things for other people, well, 'scuse my french to balls to that! Its about time I did something for me. They'll all be laughing on the other sides of their faces when they see the "new" me!!!

Thanks again for being so supportive, I love yas all


PS Mini, from your description its almost as if you know my brother!!!!


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Well done on being strong....that is a huge part of the success of these diets.
Just think we will all be skinny mini`s this time next year.


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Hi Levvy,

PS Mini, from your description its almost as if you know my brother!!!!
Yes! I have three of them:rolleyes: :)

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Livvy, hope you are coping well, I have to put up with all the IN-LAWS from 12 noon so I wont be around until sometime tonight, unless I cant cope then will come home.
I only live down the road from MIL (big mistake) can see her house from my front door.

Be strong, we can all get through this together.