As you start to reduce...


Thin People Only
as you start to reduce in size, does the average weekly weight loss alter?
Do you ever reach a plataeu (excuse the spelling!) stage in this diet?
Im thinking yes? Because of the new body weight requires less calories to run therefore to burn more you have to do more/reduce calorie intake?

Was not impressed with loss this week..will it get harder and harder to lose the weight?
Hi, my losses have been a bit all over the place, somethimes I lose 3 lb, sometimes 5. Last week I lost 8, and this week it was 3. I'm 6 months into the diet now. Hope this answers your question!
I was the same, I lost lots during first 3 weeks and then didn't lose anything at all until the end of the 4th week and then it was only 3lbs. I also introduced exercise again during week 3! But it was also week before my totm so i figure water retention played a part.. one of the girls on here said to me that water retention can occur with exercise too.. I think the weight loss will start to become more uniform over the following weeks.. but it will still be more impressive than on a "normal" diet i think