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Asda split pot strawberry and raspberry yogurts


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Hello there all

I am right in thinking that Asda split pot yogurts are free on green? Are these the ones:confused: that are like muller fruit corners or have i bought the wrong ones? i have a little book of free food from SW which says yes and i have checked on the website but they taste too good to be true and are 100+ calories each and have pureed fruit in them?!!

Asda Strawberry Split Pot Yogurt 100g

0 Syn on Extra Easy Original Free Green Free

the ones i bought are 175g pots not 100g think they might be different ones - please help me make sure i have this right before i eat another one out of the 6 pack in the fridge!!!!


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They are indeed free - they're very yummy too and gives me something else to have when I'm sick of Mullerlights! My Asda always seems to be running out of them, so I don't think we're the only ones who know...


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split pots NOT syn free....

have put nutritional info of split pots through calculator and they come out as 9 1/2 syns each - will check with my consultant tonight but i think this is more like it.......:cry:


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You need to include a free food allowance for the yoghurt so it's not quite as bad as 9 1/2 syns but they do still come out with some syns. I've always been a bit dubious about this one and don't get them for that reason. I've been a SW member for long enough to have seen them make mistakes.


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consultant has checked the books and they say they split pots a re free but she is going to ring head office and ask for me - i'll post when i hear back from her.
OMG, Ive been having a couple of these a day as my book says they are syn free? Has anyone got an update on them?
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Hello all! Has anyone got an up-date with regards to these yoghurts and the syns/no-syns?
I had one for brekkie this morning and it was so yum, I can't believe they are no syns . . . .
Hi All, I really want to find out if these are syn free or not, as I am doing SW at home & dont go to a weekly WI please could someone point in the right direction as to how I can confirm the syn value? Many thanks

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