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Atkins and hormones


Green tea advocate!!
Please can one of you clever people tell me how atkins affects the hormones in your body? - is it something to do with the fat breaking down and reducing the amount of insulin, therefore boosting estrogen in the body? :confused:

I'm rather confused - had lots of weird things happen over the weekend that are hormone related me thinks :)
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Green tea advocate!!
Hehe - thanks for bumping it Jim :)
erm i always find i get my totm early with atkins so much have some effect love x


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks for replying Vik - i was quite worried about things but it must be hormonal changes, i can't think of anything else which may have affected it?
The onset of an early or extra period is fairly standard with any fast weight loss diet, particularly ketogenic diets.

I'm not a doctor or a science expert but hormones are ALL OVER weight related issues. Our hormone levels determine where we store our fat. There's a hormone called leptin that makes you feel full and one called grelin that signals hunger.

If you're severely under or overweight your hormones will be so out of balance your periods will often stop, and being overweight can both trigger and be caused by the condition PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which actually more often than not occurs in people with no cysts on their ovaries, just a big hormone imbalance.

We store hormones, particularly oestrogen, in our fat, meaning if we lose weight fast we can get hit by a rush of them, causing mood swings. It's also part of why overweight men sometimes get moobs.

Seratonin is a hormone, a feel-good one, and restricting protein on a low carb diet can often make people feel depressed. On a high protein ketogenic diet it can contribute to the positive, overactive feeling we get sometimes.

That's all I can remember offhand and nothing is a direct quote, just little bits I remember from here and there.


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Great post RB!

And yes i've noted hormonal impacts since i started too
Great post RB!

And yes i've noted hormonal impacts since i started too
I have (had!) hormone related asthma - no problem with it since starting Atkins.
I also have fibroids which gave me extremely painful periods - since starting Atkins I've been virtually pain free and PMT is a thing of the past!
I think the issue is that Insulin is a hormone and it is very influential on the rest of the endocrine system. Get the insulin response in check and the rest follows! Simples!


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks for the post RB - really useful.

Good to know i'm not on my own :) x

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