Beedger's 20:4 Fasting Diary


Hello there,

Like most I wanted to create a diary to keep myself accountable and to be a space where I can share the highs and lows of what will be a long journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle. So here we go!

Starting Date: 28/09 (tomorrow!)
Weigh-in Days: Weekly every Monday.
Goal Weight: 10st 0lb

Starting Weight: ((Will update tomorrow))
Total Amount to lose: ((Will update tomorrow))
Projected finish date (if I lost on average 2lbs every week): ((Will update tomorrow))

The Plan: For those who dont know what 20:4 is, it refers to the time in a day (24hours) split into two windows, the fasting window (in my case 20hours) and the eating window (in my case 4 hours). You might see different variations of this such as 18:6(where you skip one meal a day) or even 23:1 also known as one meal a day (OMAD) where, you guessed it, you only eat one (very large) meal a day. There are plenty of articles on the benefits of fasting, but in a nutshell, with a big fasting window such as 20:4 your body is forced to go into ketosis and use your fat stores as fuel. You can eat whatever you wish in the fasting window (hooray for not counting calories, micros and macros!) but for best results low carb food (that will keep you in ketosis longer) is encouraged as well as doing some form of exercise during your fasting window.

For me, 20:4 boils down to eating between 8am and 12pm and therefore splitting my food between breakfast and lunch. I wont worry too much about avoiding carbs to begin with given how much weight I have to lose, but I expect I will have to switch to it as I get to the last few stone and the plateau's begin. I will also aim to get in 30mins of exercise a day minimum, whether that be walking or following an exercise video.

So if you'd like to follow my progress please feel free to drop a reply, a few encouraging words are always welcome!

Best of luck to everyone on their own journey to their personal best selves. 😊
Good luck do you want me to add you in the challenge xx