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Atkins bars ...


On a mission for boobs!
The chocolate decadence bar made me feel ill. Took me a whole day to eat it (i persivered! lol!)

I have cappacino nut and choc chip ones and I've never had any problem with them. Sorry, thats not much help.

What one did u have? maybe it had too many poly's in it for your body?


Silver Member
They're very strange concoctions - it's more common to have toilet trouble after eating them than to feel sick, but if you're sensitive to any of the many many additive type things in the bars, nausea is possible. Jim calls them 'Frankenfoods'.


On a mission for boobs!
lol! Frankenfoods always makes me giggle!

I think my problem with the decedance bar (cant spell that word for the life of me!) is that the sweet/soya/stodgy/mightbechocolate concoction made me feel sick because it tasted weird, not because it physically did anything to me. Mine was more of a mental induced illness! lol!


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Frankenfoods lol.

I'm all bloated and queasy. Will never have one again! Am hoping I have toilet troubles to flush it all out soon.

Jools xx


On a mission for boobs!
In that case, eat the rest of the bar! lol! :p


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They defo do taste weird. I gave them up in my 2nd week on atkins because they stalled me, but did try a cookie dough one (from america) thinking it might be like the ice cream.



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