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Atkins cost


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I find it cheaper to be honest because I'm not pigging out on junk food.

yes my weekly shop is more expensive but it does even itself out as no more takeaways and no cans of lager mid week. i also had to buy myself another freezer for all the meat i get :D
No real change here, as Red says, I'm not buying junk food.
Mine has gone up as I am the only one in the house on atkins, so I have to buy things for me that hubby doens't eat, and I eat more protein now in place of pasta :)

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I find Atkins slightly more expensive, yes. Probaby for the same reasons as Steph - cooking two different meals per night. :rolleyes:

If I was doing 'proper' Atkins and cutting out alcohol it would even out.

Why are you guys not getting takeaways??? LOL. ;)


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im having a takeaway on friday or saturday lol, decidint between donna meat, chicken kebab minus pitta, onions n toms or chicken foo yung frm chinese lol
We had the same meals really, just added extra veg from in place of potato or [pasta and rice.


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mine is more expensive, but i do try and get the 3 for a tenner offers on steak etc from shops and freeze.


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I was wondering this and I think it will be more expensive for me, cos I have still got to buy the other stuff for hubby and baby.
AND my hubby will want bacon etc when he sees me eating it, so for him I will have to buy all the meat AND the other stuff!!
Oh well, it will be worth it!!


please try again
local meat markets are your friend

im not on atkins but my other half eats alot of meat, we get packs of 3 chicken breast or 3 steaks or a whole chicken @ 2 for £5 always good deals to be had on mince ( bought a 2lb bag for £1 ) meatballs, sausages, fish. i go weekly to our sheffield one and i pop down to the doncaster one once a month for the other stuff ( sis gets me to fetch her rabbits )
I agree Claire, certainly the Birmingham indoor market has great meat stalls, and it's cheap because there is so much competition.


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my food bills about the same as I dont buy any convenience food like i used to. it's all cooked from scratch which is healthier for my whole family - I just throw a couple of spuds in for them :)

I go to my local butchers and get a big bag of meat for £10, that lasts us well over a week :D

I'm closer than you Stephen. :)

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