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Attending random meetings

I have to find a new meeting from 8th Sept as my current meeting is a daytime one and I'm going to be at full-time uni. Thing is I'm going to be commuting about 40 miles each way and I don't know in advance when I'll need to stay late at uni / teaching practice.

I know that if you miss more than about 5 weeks then your card gets sent back to HQ as a lapsed member.

Has anyone else had experiences of registering for a particular meeting, but then actually attending random ones during the week whenever you can make it?
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Can't help you I'm afraid as I don't go to a meeting. Pixie Piratess has a friend who is a WW leader so might be able to tell you what that would mean.
I have a monthly pass which encourages me to go somewhere. Might this help you. Also I'm sure if you choose a class then that leader might do others during the week. So you could always see the same person and she would know your situation

Irene xx
I know that if you miss more than about 5 weeks then your card gets sent back to HQ as a lapsed member.

Not too sure if i can help but i'll give it a shot! I'm assuming you have a meeting before 8th, could you chat to your leader and see what he/she recommends? I am on a monthly pass, i have missed a few meetings, for various reasons and i have attended a few different locations (even one when i was on holiday 3 hours away from where i live). I dont think it would be too much of a problem. Is it 5 consecutive weeks or any 5 random weeks? x
It is 5 consecutive weeks. I will be getting a monthly pass (had one last year which I cancelled when I started helping out at my meeting). I'll have a chat with my current leader tomorrow to see what she says. I've had a look on the website and I need a meeting that starts 7pm or later and they seem to be few and far between so I don't think I'll have the luxury of going to different meetings with the same leader :(

Thanks for the advice :)

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