avoided weigh in!


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Hi everyone!
Well as I am doing SW from home I have found it quite easy to slip up sometimes as I know there is only me seeing my weight loss (or gains).
So the past 2 weeks I haven't weighed myself but today I thought I had better bite the bullet and go for it.... in 5 weeks I have lost 10lbs! I am so pleased with myself but it has made me determined to stick to the plan 100% coz if I can lose that with a few slip ups I'm sure I can so much better being good! I even had my birthday during that time and I did not stick to the plan for 3 days!
Here's to weight loss!! x
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Well done Nettie that is absolutely brilliant, keep up the great work :)


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Well done Nettie - that's great progress.

However, in the future YOU MUST NOT MISS WEIGH IN ! Join a thread here but you must weigh in no matter what happens. That way, you will face up to your difficulties and celebrate your successes. It will keep you focused and motivated.

There are weigh in threads for all the days so why not join one of those. Or come and join us on Sunday weighers. We all weigh at home (obviously !) and there are a group of us who are there week in, week out no matter what happens.

Good luck and well done.

Gail x


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LMAO I had read the title of this and just rolled up my sleeves ready to come on and reply to tell you off for not weighing in cos you knew you'd gain, but in fact I feel three cheers are needed :happy096:

But I am gonna take one of those cheers back cos the previous posters are right, you need to keep weighing regardless of whether you think you've had a good or bad week ... helps keep your mind focused :D


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Well done. I know what you mean about doing it from home and it only being you who sees your loses. Makes it harder so you have done extra well


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thanks very much for the replies, I will now weigh in weekly as I think I may have just been very lucky to have lost the 10lbs and now I'm worried about it catching up with me. Just had fruit for breakfast and ive got the rest of the day planned so heres to a good week. I plan to make sure I eat more veg with my meals as I don't really do the 1/3 super free actually on the plate but after the meal I always have a big fruit salad and my meals are small so I know I'm not over eating on the meat/potato etc :)