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B*gger-I cheated last night (Day 5)

I fell out with hubby and got upset. I'm annoyed with myself. I wasn't feeling hungry but I 'needed' that comfort food. I didn't eat anything tasty, didn't enjoy it and felt like cr*p afterwards.

I've put on 1.5lbs since yesterday so not too worried about that. It'll probably be off again by tomorrow but I'm back on day 1 and feeling hungry again.

I thought I was going to manage on SS but maybe not. I think what I will do now is SS when I can and have a 790 meal when I'm not feeling so strong.

I think the main issue is though how do I break away from my life long habit of comfort eating? I just don't know how. It's just what I do the minute I get upset, depressed, angry etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Hey T,

Sorry to hear you fell out with Hubby (Big hugs). I hate the emotional eating it just makes things worse in the long run doesn't it. You know you can do this. even on 790, are you going to emotional eat and choose the wrong thing? Come on girl, kick up the ass, we have a challenge with each other, so pick yourself up, dust yourself down, grab a large pint of water, and keep drinking more and more today, hopefully it wont even do any damage. Then go and give hubby a big cuddle, life is too short, unless he's done something really bad, its not worth falling out over and ruining your diet. You both are doing so well and have the lovely support of each other. You know where i am if you want to chat. Its all about making a different decision when you find yourself reaching for the comfort food, but thats always easy to say when you are not feeling emotional. Next time, go do something else, make yourself wait a bit longer see if the craving goes away.

Hope you are ok :0) You dont want me getting in the car and driving 27 hours to sort you out do you? lol. Big hugs, Chat soon xx
Thanks Angela, I'm fine. I've started again. Had a litre of water and a tetra. I'll keep going. I'm away to get on with some work at the moment but I'll come and have a chat with you later on if you're online.


ps He didn't do anything really bad just rubbed me up the wrong way.
oh my god. I just noticed you've lost 11lbs Angela!!! Well done! I will need to work hard to catch up now! ;)

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