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back after having baby!

hi all, i used to post here before getting pregnant last yr, ive followed ww from home on and off sucsesfully for yrs and am looking at restarting soon now ive had my baby boy who is 3 weeks old!

i am going to have to go to a meeting though, i have never been one before as i used my mums books but have moved house now so dont have the books (my mum needs them) so need to go a meeting to get the information and get started.

i understand that the plan has changed now? i used to follow the points plan and liked it alot. how does it work now, is there still 2 plans? and which one is more like the points one? ive herd of the discover plan?

also i am exclusively breast feeding so i think i have to have more points a day? some days when i was on like 20 points i struggled to eat them, how would i manage eating so many more? and would i have to include these, could i not use less points and lose more weight or lose it quicker? i worry if i eat lots of points it may inhibit my weight loss?

i have no idea what weight i was before giving birth as i had to be induced so didnt have chance to weigh but i was around 9 stone 3-4 pre preg and was 12 stone 4 when i weighed a couple of days after getting home so thats 3 stone on, i weighed again last week and was 11 stone 11 so thats 1/2 a stone off without trying but i think thats maybe alls thats going without actually making an effort!

im looking at getting back into it in the next few weeks, need to get into a routine with my baby first and get in the right mindset for it, but just thought i would start finding out information really, its a start! lol.

i know thats lots of questions, sorry! has anyone eles recently had a baby and/or breastfeeding how are you finding it?

i will have a look through the forum now too, to see what i can find out about the new plan, thanks! :)
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hello and welcome back congrats on your baby boy, good luck on your weight loss xxxx :):):):)


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You'll get loads of info at class. I know when I went back and was breast feeding I could have over 30 points, which , of course I loved. Except I put on weight. I ahd to work out be trial and error how many I could ahve. You may aHVE TO DO THE SAME.

Good Luck


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If youre struggling to use all your points, drink glasses of milk. Its good for your breastmilk plus it uses up points x congrats on your baby, Ive had to give up the "baby weight" excuse seeing as my son is 7 now lol x x Good luck x x


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hi welcome back and congrats on the baby make sure you eat well, and don't exercise till your back to yourself again the very best of luck with ww and the wee baba :553:


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Congratulations on the baby.

Only having two cats myself am not able to offer any personal advice on ww for you. But as you are breastfeeding it is even more important to eat well and not lose weight too quickly. Get advice from your ww leader who will give you all the help you need at your first class.
thanks all, i aim to do it slowley thats what worked for me last time, a bit at a time. do you just turn up to the class then or do i have to book or anything first? also how long do you have to have been going the meetings to collect all the info/booklets etc are they any good, do youhsave to pay for them? i didnt realise they gave you stuff each week, im learning more as im reading through some of the posts!

thanks for the congrats :) x
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Hi if your still around I'm aslo back after having a baby maybe we could support each other??


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welcome back and congrats on your new arrival! :)

I don't know if all meetings are the same but a friend of mine tried to join my meeting when her baby was a month old and my leader told her to come back when he was 6 weeks at the earliest as her body needed to recover

You get 10 points for EBF and 5 if your BFing but baby is also on solids. When I joined I had an extra 5 as my son was 9 months but I quickly had to drop them because I wasn't feeding my wee one enough any more to merit them!

I'm a breast feeding peer supporter for Surestart and would say that as long as your eating enough for yourself, plenty of fresh fruit and veg etc then you will be fine. Drinking milk won't affect your breast milk, in fact not many foods do much but flavour it but your body does need extra calories to cope with the effort of making the milk and feeding bubbs, especially in these early days!

As for the leaflets etc, I think I got handouts every week for the first 4 weeks to put into my file. After that its just the 'your week' magazine thing and a tracker you get every week :)

Good luck with your weight loss!! :)
Hi, congratulations on your baby, you will need to wait 6wks after a baby to join ww, this is to allow your body to heal & also to allow for your post natal check up, if you look in any newspapers theres adverts for free regastraition to ww where you will get your starter pack free, goodluck x

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