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back again, day five, officially day one......

Hi all... decided to go back on lipotrim again, so hello all.. I am in day five now, had five days of shakes from feburary... feeling good, though have a bit of a head cold:(....
I wanted to get into ketosis before I went to the pharmacy, just to see could I get my first few days overwith and not stop at the first hurdle.. have no idea what weight I am as dont ever weigh myself, but thinking around 13.10... will see later I might get a shock lol....x
Been reading all the posts the last few days and it has helped me again, wasnt sure wether to come on again as dont want to be perpetually restarting, but this time is different I feel, my partner is now 100% supporting me, things are good at home, kids in creche and have a little staffordshire 9 week old puppy to keep me from the boredom x So hello all, am looking forward to the next 5 weeks (am going to do it in five week increments instead of 12, sounds alot easier!)
It is my birthday on the 18th so that will be a challenge but have decided I want partner to take me to a different town and go clothes shopping instead of the usual getting hammered drunk and eating my way through a small mountain.. anyway, onwards and upwards!! (but downwards on the scales) xxxx
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Just wanted to add, the way with lipotrim that works for me is I have all three shakes hot, in the morning Ihave vanilla or chocolate, mixed with coffee, in the afternoon I have chicken soup with some pepper (cant do it without the pepper) and in the evening I have a chocolate skake mixed with peppermint tea... I cant do any of the shakes cold, only the chocolate if i am out in the shaker, and have to glug it down as fast as anything.. and if I hit a lump it is instant gag lol.. but I do enjoy the hot shakes... anyway, dont mind this thread, I will ramble on and on hehe xxx
hey welcome back its great that you feel motivated now. good luck with your journey. x x x
Thanks so so hopefull... went back to sleep after posted, woke up feeling awful... the pharmacy is a 30 minute drive and just couldnt face it.. sent other half in to get me 2 maintenance shakes (hope this doesnt bring me out of ketosis), as they wont give him the tfr shakes ofcourse till i go in to them... its no big deal tho, hopefully I will be better tomorrow and be able to get in, and atleast I am not one bit temptep by 'real' food lol xxx
oh no, just seen I have missed a call from the pharmacy, no credit to ring back, must have been other half there, maybe they gave him some tfr shakes, I really hope so xxx
phew, pharmasist gave him four tfr shakes.. should be ok then tomorrow if I dont feel up to going in xxx
ok, day 9, I feel pants lol... knew to expect this as happened before and it sems people do feel crap around the day 9/10.. just going to try to get thru today, cooking the kids breakfast (they always have white rolls and scrambled egg on a sunday lol).. then gonna have my shake have a long shower, smear body butter on do my hair nails etc.. this usually helps, woke up feeling like death lol, doesnt help my 1 and 2 year olds have taken to screaming MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY at 7 am everyday, they just want me to go down, put their story cd on and then they go back to sleep the wee tykes, no such luck for me... i am noticably thinner around my face and arms, which is spurring me on xx hope you all have a good day x
good morning.
i felt really bad around that time to and spent the day crying lol but it does get better. im on day 17 now and feel great. i can honestly i feel good and cooking is a treat i cant believe i can make all this lovely food and not actually want to eat it lol.
i dont think i look any different but can feel it in my clothes and actually cant wait til weigh in lol x xx
Hiya so so Hopeful

You are doing really well. My weight loss was 4lbs last week. I hope its the same this week. Really need to stick to the 4lbs mark as I want to lose 2 stone in the next 8 weeks. Hope I can do it.
hi 2 sizes smaller thats a great weight loss and i hope you get to your target when you want to. i dont know how i got 6 off i only expected 3-4 but i was delighted all the same.
are you on the tfr diet? i cant remember as i read that many posts lol and when did you start x x x
Hiya so so Hopeful

I'm on lipotrim good old TFR 100%. This is my 5th week. It has been a bit slow at the start I have to admit coz I broke it. But i've been pretty good recently. Just the odd crackerbread being snuck in! Well I have 9 weeks to a wedding I am going to my brothers in october. AndI want to lose 2 stone by then. But I have a hen night and do in my mums to go to in the middle of that so it's going to be hard. Really need to lose 4 lbs a week from now on. What do you think?
you should be able to. i just read a post you wrote on exercise and if you try to include a little it will surely help you x x x
feeling good today though other half is cooking a leg of lamb as we speak and the whole house smells gorgeous lol... meant to say we were in dublin on friday, went with him and the two wee girls, had a great day, sat thru watching them all enjoy a burger king, wasnt a bit tempted (they do really nice coffee in burgerking lol)
So happy day today.. not getting weighed until thursday or friday, hope I get a good loss, am officially on day 4 with lipotrim but am actually day 11.. whoop whoop the energy levels are good, and I am waking up feeling refreshed and happy, early and full of energy, instead of bloated, groggy and irritable... yeah for lipotrim xxx
Well done, sounds like you are doing great! I'm at a similar stage to you, just finished day 10. It's sailed by actually, roll on the next 17 weeks!
had to weigh in early as away on friday, lost 3lbs in five days, which brings me down from 'obese' to 'overweight'.. delighted, probably would have been 4 by friday x happy today but slightly woozy, off for some nice decaff tea and a lie down on the sofa x

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