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Back again!!

Jo B

Full Member
Well, here I am again - Day 1 of being back on the packs! It's been an interesting couple of months. I found excercise, have been doing about 6-7 hours of fairly full on excercise (combat, pump, spin and a bit of running). Feel fitter than I ever have done, however in my head I was justifying every bit of bad food with "well I am going to be burning it off". It didn't happen!
This wouldn't be too much of a problem as I should be able to reign it in - but, I get married in 6 weeks and my dress doesn't fit! Ooopsies. So, today is Day 1 and it hasn't been too bad, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as I know that I am going to feel crap but this is something I need to do.
I know though when I was in abstinence before I had quite a lot of muscle wastage, especially in my legs. Obviously with the amount of excercise I've been doing, I've built up some great leg muscles and I've started to get some definition back in my arms - so my question is, how much muscle in weight do you think will account for my weight gain? I know most of it is down to bad eating but I am sure that some of it will be muscle gain, I'd just like to know how much...
Anyway, that's me - hope everyone has been doing slightly better than me xx
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Happy in my own skin
Hi Jo,

Good to see you back and well done on getting right back on the packs. I've no idea re your question, sorry.

How much have you got to lose?

I've put on about half a stone and want to lose it, though it's not happening by just trying to cut back. My LLC does not want me to go back on full packs as she does not recommend it for anything less than a stone. I feel if I was to do 2 or 3 packs then I would cheat with extra food by trying to justify it was allowed. At least with 4 packs you cannot do that. I'm still an all or nothing person I guess.

Again, welcome back and good luck with the first few days of abstinence.

Hi Jo, I'm back too to get rid of 1 1/2 stone of eating what I wanted :( Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. I'm sure you'll fit right back into that dress again quickly.



Happy in my own skin
How's it going Jo?

I went back on packs yesterday to lose a wee half stone. So far so good. Not feeling hungry, just dreaming about food again like last time....:)

Jo B

Full Member
So, I'm a week and a half in and about 7kg down - god I love LL! Going for another dress fitting on Monday so will definitely be able to get it in it then but will probably do 3 weeks and then see how I go. Part of me wants to stay on the packs for as long as possible so there is no chance of me piling any back on last minute before the wedding!


Happy in my own skin
Well done Jo, keep up the good work!
Hi jo
Well done! i'm back on packs too - 9 days in, going well so far!!!
Nice to see you again!
daisy x
Hi there
weigh in - 4lb off!
so 9lb now in 11 days.

Last week I ate salmon and salad leaves on 3 evenings as well as 4 packs, and on the other days had 2 bars and 2 shakes rather than 3 shakes and a bar.

I was a bit worried it might have slowed me down, but seems to be OK, and is keeping me sane, lol!

I'm still in ketosis - weed on a stick at weigh in just to check!

How's everyone else?
daisy x


Happy in my own skin
Well done Daisy, that's great.

I've lost 8lb in 10 days. I'm only planning on doing full abstinence until Tuesday. I've no idea what I should do after that. I've heard there is a 10 day mini RTM, but don't know anything about it. Not sure if I will still be having packs with food just like the normal RTM.

Anyone got any idea about the fast-track RTM?
I have the booklet somewhere.......runs off to have a look for it......
hmmm, hubby is in bed and I think it is in the bedside drawer...
will have a look tomorrow.

from what I remember it is same as RTM almost, just day by day rather than week by week

1st day is 3 shakes protein and salad

i did it for about 10 days, but was doing it over 20 days as it seemed too fast to introduce things - lost quite a few llbs

daisy x


Happy in my own skin
Oh thanks for that Daisy. I did think it was something along those lines...:)

Jo B

Full Member
Hi guys, sorry I haven't been on in a while - so I have just finished abstinence, did 3 weeks and managed to lose 1.5 stone which I am happy with. All my clothes fit better again and most importantly my wedding dress now fits again! I just need to be VERY careful over the next few weeks. I'm going to try to lose about another 4-5lbs over the next 3 weeks but not eating any carbs and lots of lean protein and veg.
I'm about 4lbs heavier than my lightest but I know that with the amount of excercise i have been doing over the last few months I've probably gained about 2lbs of muscle so I'm not overly concerned.
Just had a lush salad for my dinner - I oven roasted some tomatos with garlic, then had them with iceberg lettuce, sweetcorn, spring onions, cucumber and tuna with a drizzle of lemon juice and lots of black pepper! Yum yum.
Hope everyone else is doing OK too xx
hi there
well done!
i did 17days abstinence then my gran died suddenly and things have gone a bit to pot the last 3 days.

ive lost about 9 lbs - but i need to get a grip on things today.

you have done great, good luck with keeping it off!

daisy x


Happy in my own skin
Sorry to hear about your gran Daisy. Look after yourself.

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