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Back and determined!

Well here I go again but this is the last time. I'm so cross at myself for putting 2.5 stone of the 5.5 stone I lost in 2009 back on. I got into a CD-binge trap and have been up an down 10 lbs every other week.

So I think I've got my head straight now and I'm going to SS for eight weeks and then re-evaluate. So day one nearly done! Wish me luck!!
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Hippety Hop!
Hi Rachele, Well better late than never, hey?!

Don't beat yourself up but try to relax and enjoy getting into the swing of things again. Too much pent up angst can work against losing and you may as well get in a happy frame of mind which will help you not to fail in the first getgo!!
Look forward to seeing your progress.

Up and at em girl!!...:)
good luck!!


this time - the last time
Welcome back!


Silver Member
welcome back and good luck
Thanks for your support you all seem to be doing really well. :)

You're so right Emmaline I've been really beating my self up about failing and that's why I've bounced back and forth to the binging on rubbish.

I do feel positive but I have been motivated by a humiliating experience on Wednesday where I had to squash myself into an outfit to simulate being old and disabled (I know it sounds wierd!) in front of a room full of people and the velcro fasteners kept popping open! I felt a huge and stupid!

But hey ho I'm thankful its given me a kick up the bum
... so heres to shrinking quickly. Day 2 and 100% so hope to keep it up.




Hippety Hop!
Just think Rachele, I could have done that for you without pretending to be old!!..lol!..:D

Have just had a bit of a blip myself this week and am determined to pull out the stops and get this extra couple of pounds off that I've put on so it won't spoil my STS for Monday WI...:rolleyes:
Am going to get all this weight off but unfortunately it won't be this week!!..:sigh:

I have good imagination and can just see those fasteners popping .. did they make a noise?..:giggle:
Sorry - not meant to offend but the thought is funny!

All the best to you...:)
Yeah they made a ripping sound. lol. Not as good as the sound of my screech when they nipped my bingo wings fastening them up! :p Gotta laugh!

Hey you might of had a slip up but you sound like you're not going to let it stop you!

Good luck! ;)
Sat at home alone writing an essay for uni. This is usually the situation I eat piles of rubish to keep me going. Just going to have to sip on the water.

Was thinking about getting some bars next time I see my cdc but I've found in the past I eat all 7 in a day and a half then just want to eat...Anyone else find this happens to them?
Well, I am not on CD but do have similiar experience with "treats". Sometimes buy a pack of the Tesco Value choc marshmallow teacakes and am determined I will only eat 2 each day but you can be sure that usually on the 2nd day I will devour the rest in less the a minute flat!!..Yumm Yumm!!..:D

All the best for a resolute future....:)
Day 6 Today and so far I've been 100%! Feel a bit slimmer already so Friday's weigh should be a good number...hopefully!! Been cooking and baking a lot because foods my friend and if I can't eat it I'll have to cook it! Will let everyone know how I get on on Fri!! x

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