Back on CD and excited!!


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Hey all
Happy New Year to you all!
I'm back on CD as of 2moro and have to say i'm excited! Excited about regaining control and having gr8 weight loss!
Not so excited about the 1st few days however, but i've done it b4 and know that once i'm into ketosis it'll be easier!
Lost 5 stone of LL and CD last year Put some on over Xmas about 10lbs :( BUT i'm gona lose it and the rest of my flab!
Got another 5 stone to go!
My biggest motivation is that i'm maid of honour for my best mate in april and I want my gorgeous dress to need some taking in!;)
This forum was a MASSIVE support to me and there's now way i'd of been as strong without it, so I'm pleased to be back!:)

Roll on day 1...
Hi Claire - and good luck with your start tomorrow. You can do it - and we'll look forward to seeing the photos of you in your bridesmaids dress - a few sizes smaller!
Happy New Year to you Claire!!!

Great to see you again and I hope you had a good Christmas!!!

April it is:)

I almost have a full two days done back SSing:)

Love Mini xxx