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Hi everyone

I restarted CD last Thursday with my sister, and so far it's being going really great. Mainly because I found a new CDC who's really supportive and has loads of good advice and maintains contact to see how I'm doing. But it's also been great because I've got my sister as my diet buddy and support. My PC been on the blink for nearly a month and not been able to log on here and it's difficult to access this from work.
Couldn't resist jumping on the scales this morning - I've lost 8lbs so far, but my official weigh in is on Thursday. I know it's early days - but spent so much time over the xmas holidays getting mentally prepared, that the last few days have been relatively easy. It's soo good not to have to make any food choices for awhile, so I can just concentrate on losing weight without all the mental anguish I used to get with whatever diet I was following at the time.
So love reading the posts , I always come away feeling inspired. Good luck to all you re-starters, first time starters & those yet to start.
Well done with your loss so far.

And how nice to have your sister as a diet buddy!

Good luck and look forward to reading more about your journey to slimdom!
I have to say "Snap" as I too went to my first CDC session on Thursday last week and with my older sister.

It is fantastic having that person with you the whole way - so far this week we have spoken on the phone every day, just to update with how we are feeling, which shakes and soups are nice/awful, and if we have had the courage to get on the scales yet?

We have both lost but we are not entirely sure how our scales compare to the CDC scales, but we will know on Thursday.

Good Luck to both you and your sister:D