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Back on SS after a year !!

Hi Everyone,

Well I started SS in July 2006 and lost exactly 7 stone in 13 weeks. At that time I felt like I could achieve anything and would probably have bet my mortgage that I would never return to my old ways. Anyway 11 Months on and many failed attempts at Weight Watchers, Food diaries and even 4 sessions of hypnosis I have put on 4 Stone.

So today I am at a place that I never thought I would be, i.e starting Sole Source again. My goal is to lose the 4 stone I have gained and return to where I was in October last year. I have become unrecognizable since I have regained this weight - and I don't mean physically, I mean as a person. I have become demotivated in all aspects of life, I am miserable snappy and just a general pain in the arse.

I can't identify any one factor that has caused me to return to my osessive binge eating ways, but it's strange that just making the commitment to do SS again has made me feel like a new person as I know I WILL reach my goal and become that happy vibrant person I was before.

See you all around here - and on CDF

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hi Big H,
i too am back on CD 2day, not ssing just using up packs & then moving to Slimfast, wish i could afford to SSto the end.
i put on 20lbs & want to loose that & more.
good luck, with the support we get on here we should do fine
Good luck, at least you are back before all of the weight went back on.

I am on maintenance and telling myself I won't put the weight back on, I keep telling myself..........


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Good luck Big H.you sound very positive..why not join our daily thread as well. Plenty of support on Mini's.
Well done Leehal you have done great..and have a great Holiday.


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WOW 7 stone in 13 weeks , what a result in such a short time . Hey you might do it again that fast , good luck


Strong women stay slim
65 pound leehal in 13 weeks is great , just shows you it can be done .
Hi Big H... being overweight can make u unhappy, u did great in just 13weeks and i'm sure u will do it again. I lost 7.5st a few years ago and gained the lot back on so here i am again,lol, i know how misserable it can make u feel, but we WILL do it again.
Thanks everybody :)

Good luck to all of you too
Hi BigH
I also regained 4st of the weight I'd lost on CD (never actually reached goal). I could kick myself and know how you're feeling but you sound so motivated, I'm sure you can succeed again.

Unfortunately, I can't afford CD anymore so will have to take the 'scenic route' but I'll be following your progress with interest - good luck! :)


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Welcome Big H, and sending you :hug99: on how you have been feeling. :patback: Well done on recommitting, and looking forward to sharing your return to where you were happy.