Back on the wagon Day one


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I did it once. I am doing it again and I will succeed. So ner to her!

We can do it!! xx


Thanks Sarah and Dawn.
First day was tough and I have to confess to a handful of popcorn that isn't in the Cambridge book!. But I weighed myself today and have lost 2lbs!!!

So yes I can do it.!

scorpio dawny

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Well done on getting through day one, as you know these are the hard days and it will get easier, im on day 5 of yet another restart, but feel so much better already.


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Second time round (or 3rd 4th 5th) is definatly harder... but I am restarting after a 4 week xmas break, and in my 1st weigh in i lost 5lb :D

Just remember why your doing it;)
Dont let other people put you off, prove that woman at work wrong, you can do CD more than once ;);)

Good luck :D

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Good luck :) Have just signed up with a counsellor for next week :) Will be 2nd time around for me too.. We CAN Do this!! After all we know the pit falls and why we stopped last time so can't lose really :)