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Back to Finish Off


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And hanging in my head in shame.

I started CD September last year and it really really worked well for me - I lost 8 stone in 7 months and felt so good and only had 1/2 a stone to go to get to goal). But (why is there always a but) I then had a shoulder op so came off plan for 3 months. Put about 1 stone back on but it was in control until I decided to go back on CD to finish off and since then all I have done is start every day and give up by lunch time and binge (really binge) because I'm going to start again tomorrow.

Im now 3 1/2 stone up (silly but when I had lost 5 stone last year I felt amazing and now I feel enormous and horrid). Ive readjusted my goal so have 4 1/2 stone to lose in total.

So I am restarting, NOW, not tomorrow not at the end of the week but now. I had such fantastic support on here last time and hope I'll get the same this time because I will need it. Please help me to keep going I've got to get there once and for all.

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thanks Sadie - Im stalking this site today to keep focused ;-)


this time - the last time
Welcome back!

I'm back too - day 10 for me. I stopped for my planned birthday break - but never managed to get back on the wagon.

I managed to maintain though - just half a stone water weight gain.
I feel I have learnt a lot during my break. I mainly did SW. I did make mistakes, but generally stuck to the concept. I feel I have learnt a lot. And although I will make mistakes again, I know I can do it. Beck has been the change for me I think. It really works for me.

How long do you think it'll take you to get to goal? Have you thought about your maintenance plan?

Keep at it - you can do it! You're still my inspiration. I love your photo thread!


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Thanks JLK - so we are going through this together...again! Its great to see a face I recognise. I have had a disatrous binging 5 days and am now up another 5 lbs so this really has to be it today. I reckon jan/feb should get me to goal. And i need to borrow back my beck book and start going through it again and work out a proper paln for the rest of my life. Please keep me going - I am really struggling and need to get there. Are you doing a 100% challenge again?


this time - the last time
Yes - its on the 100% section.

I'm planning on going until beginning of December. I'm hoping to be at 10st 7lb by then. I feel after the year I've had I need to have a *normal Christmas.

* - not my usual stuff yourself/drink incopious amounts December. More a treat yourself to seasonal treats then work it off in the gym Christmas

You ss'd last Christmas day didn't you? Do you plan on going all the way through again?

Definitely get your beck book back. Mine never leaves my handbag. If you're ever tempted just read a section. It works wonders.

Do you think you've got "last day eating before I START tomorrow syndrome" because you're setting yourself such a long goal? I know you want to finish as soon as possible, but maybe if you start with a smaller goal (one month SS, or 2stone, or a goal outfit) you'll be able to shift the all or nothing mentality? Thereby removing the need to eat today, as the next time you've planned to eat is only round the corner (and not light years away)
Keep at it. Good luck on your first day back 100%.

I'm on day 12. Believe I'm 11.5lbs down (official WI is not for a couple of days) and Im feeling good already.

Shout if you need anything.


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Thanks - as always your advice is spot on!!. I was really hoping to be done in time for Christmas but the last 8 weeks have sent me so far in the opposite direction that I won't be - so I guess I'll be SS ing again this year! You are so right about the all or nothing mentality - we (me and DH) are going to France for 3 days in november so might plan to have a couple of meals then - perhaps evening meals so its not too far til I eat again. That said at the rate this year has gone it will be next year before we blink!!

Thanks for the support - goodness knows I need it

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