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Back to slimming world from CD. How many sins?


I am just in the process of returning to slimming world after being successful on Cambridge Diet. Its just difficult and inconvenient to follow the maintenance plan, so decided to continue maintaining with Slimming World, however i have about 25 packs of porridge left. How can I work out how many sins they might be and if I could use them as a healthy extra. I can't imagine them being 'bad' for you. I don't want to waste them.
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Well done on such a great loss with CD. I know a few people who've shifted from a VLCD to SW... and many of them have gone straight onto a week or two of red days... trying to slowly come out of ketosis.

On the porridge thing... if you post the following I can work it out for you.

Per 100g:

Calories (kcal)

And then the portion size.

On HEXs, if it isn't listed you can't use it. I'm not sure why that is - but that's how it works.
Thanks Northernboi

Cambridge porridge per 100g

kcal 358
protein 31.7g
carbs 40.2
fat 7.8

Portion size is 40g serving (the serving is 143 kcal each)

It's 7 syns per serving.

It's quite high, but then it is a meal replacement. On SW, meals should come largely from free foods. So I guess it makes sense that a meal replacement product would be quite high.

If you need a hand with working out any more syn values, there's a thread in the stickies that you can post either the details of the product as above, or just the brand name and someone can work it out for you.

Hope all goes well,

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help.

I guess 7 isn't too back as I will be able to have my healthy extras as well.
I may as well use them as they cost £1.70 each.

I'm hoping I can switch to SW without it all piling back on.
You loose a lot of water from glycogen when you do VLCDs, so it's likely that if you haven't followed their maintenance plan that you will put on a little. But you can try a few red days in the first week or two to slowly reintroduce food/carbs which should help. You shouldn't gain too much or anything at all if you stick to the plan. And if you do, it'll come back off in time as your body gets used to food.

Good luck with it all.


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