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wants a new body
well....... i tend to buy the leanest bacon i can and i don't take the little bit off thats there
and i still get good weight losses everyweek lol
Great question! I'm having a fry up for lunch (red meal) and last time I did this I didn't know what to do!

I just cut the fat of the big bit of the rasher at the bottom... and left it on the top bit (if that makes sense). I once cut it all off but then the rasher fell to pieces and it was really annoying!

I'd be interested to see what people say about this - hopefully before I cook my fry up! Heh
when my consultant was explaining the diet to us she told us about the red plan and we were told to remove all visible fat from meat before eating it.


wants a new body
this may sound weird but i need the bit of fat as to me that is where the yummy bacon taste is!

does that make sense?

hope so if not i sound a bit loopy
:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

by the way i have just sat and eaten bacon,egg mushrooms and tomatoes on wholemeal toast and it was yummy!!
forgot to add i leave the wee bit fat in the middle that connects the top and bottom then cut the stuff round the edge then grill it till crispy cos that removes most of the fat
you need to cut off ALL visible fat or its not free! i buy bacon medallions so i dont have to do this otherwise you end up chucking alot out - or giving a lot to the dog :p
I think its totally up to you but if you chop off as much as you can that'd help if you went for chopping out every single bit you saw would end up with bacon pieces! and since you buy it by weight you would be wasting money, try buy the leanest bacon you can afford within your budget if there is still a bit of fat in the middle because its the value/budget stuff then just eat one less rasher than you normally would surely that will even it out :) i dont spend daft money on bacon i just eat a bit less if its a bit fattier than i wanted same goes for any meat if i buy mince thats not lean because its on offer i just eat less of it

Hope this helps
Gen x


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If I cut all the fat off then grill it, it just tastes like ham and not bacon, so I leave a bit on, dab it with kitchen paper and eat it, avoiding any obvious fatty bits.
i dont spend daft money on bacon i just eat a bit less if its a bit fattier than i wanted same goes for any meat if i buy mince thats not lean because its on offer i just eat less of it
No offence but this goes against the free food principle. if you do this you must syn it or your weight loss will suffer. meat is only free if your eating the MEAT not the fat. fat is not a free food and therefore has to be syned, whether its mince that isnt 'lean' mince or a small amount of fat on bacon it all has points.

this is the main reason i do mostly green days, price! at least with dried pasta and baked beans you know where your at :p


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I cook it in the george foreman with the fat still on and cut it off before I eat it because I don't like the fat anyway, well not unless it's all crispy, but I don't cook it that well so I'm not tempted to eat it.
Hi Abigail thanks for your comments :) ok so it goes against the principle but it does work I have managed to lose 14lbs this year using this method whilst following SW in about 6 weeks (3 weeks pre LT and 3 weeks post) which means my weight loss didnt suffer.

I also lost 2 stones on SW last year consistently losing 2lbs a week after my first week doing this im not saying anyone should do this but they are adults and can think for themselves and make the decision someone asked for advice and i offered it. for me it means i can follow the diet without having to scrimp and save and make compromises on other things i need to spend my money on (at the mo thats my 2009 gym membership fund) because i spent all my money on expensive bacon and meat the simple fact is to lose weight you need to eat less calories so yes the lean meat has less fat and isnt syn'd but if you eat less of the meat with more fat in you compensate for eating that by still only consuming the same amount of calories which at the end of the day is how any diet works. i dunno how many syns there are non lean mince or bacon have never looked but then again I dont tend to use my syns for stuff like chocolate so i have a fair few syns in the bag for red days.

Im not saying everyone should buy fattier meat and just eat less but for some people saving money by buying cheaper food thats not necessarily as low fat and eating less of it works it may also be the difference between someone staying on SW or not if money is an issue and they have a whole family to feed.
PS if you make chilli, spag bol, mince etc cook it let it go cold and chip the fat off the top! tadaaaa then warm it through with less fat the day after
if you make things with extra lean mince there shouldnt be any fat on there. i cook on a george foreman and hardly ever get fat off the meat i buy now, unlike before :S no wonder i needed to loose weight when i think about it!
I cut off the majority of the fat, I didnt like the taste as much at first, but now its just normal! x


I ate my willpower!
I cut the fat off cos I cant stand it, but I don't cut off the little bit at the bottom cos then the bacon falls apart. I don't eat it though. When I cook mince, even the extra lean mince, I cook until browned the drain the mince through a sieve or collander to remove all the fat, then I transfer back to the pan. This works with cheap mince too. All the fat comes out when it's being cooked so as long as you drain the fat away and rinse the mince in hot water, you should be ok.

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