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bad couple of days

hello you lot
i've had a really really bad couple of days not with the food ive had but with the tango stuff my hours at work thurs fri are horrible 14 hours yesterday and today 12 today had 2 toast and a banana for breakie
lunch was tuna sandwich mullar
sugar free jelly and blueberies
tea was cabbage, colli, brocc,green beans and fish in batter 12,5g fat potion
caramal snack a jack in the afternoon when i was doing someones cleaning .....
finished work at 6.30 and omg never been off loo
tomorrow is weigh in day at home but other half tested new scales and he's gone from 13st 1 to 12.12 in 5 mons hummmm
my heads isnt really thinking straight after that maybe i need to go boots and do there scales.... mine get jumped on a couple a times a day with my 2yr granddaughter
:confused: yours confused xxxx
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helllo well it was 12.5g for the piece..... anyway weighed at boots lost 8lb in my 1st week really happy today still suffering with the loo prob but coping with it because i'm at home xxxx
Well done with your weight loss. This is my first week and I lost 7lbs. I weighed this morning. However just weighed again a little while ago and I seem to have gained 4lbs from this morning:( I know your weight can fluctuate throughout the day and it wasn't long since I had eaten. I think I really need to stop going on the scales and try to weigh once a week. I have been a little paranoid though this week worrying that I might not have lost anything. When is the best time to weigh? I have heard first thing in the morning after using bathroom and before eating.
also i think went i keep jumping the scales it effects the way i feel and eat all day plus this week is TOTM week and i know from the past i can put on around 10lb in a couple of days. Just hoping this time i can control my carb cravings this week and try sticking to my limit, time will tell xxxx
i have totm coming soon and i always crave chocolate, argh not looking forward to it at all!! I find no matter when i weigh myself it encourages if am the same or put on it makes me work harder, if i have lost it makes me want to stick to it more :D
My totm is coming up this week too. I weighed this morning and am a couple of pounds up from yesterday morning. I ate ok yesterday so I am wondering if this gain is due to totm. I didn't think about it until I read your posts. I told myself last night I have to stop jumping on the scales but I keep wondering if this diet is working. Went swimming this morning for the first time in a few weeks and really enjoyed it. Having a relaxing day now as I did all my jobs around the house yesterday except for the ironing :( Enjoy your Sunday.
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Some people can put as much as 10lb on when its their time of the month so dont worry diana it will all come off again!! Nuisance though isnt it :(

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