Balancing WW and exercising - looking for advice please

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by chloe83, 28 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. chloe83

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    I am looking for some advice please as I am feeling a bit lost.

    I have been at goal for three months now. The leader said it was ok to say I was at goal as long as I was 3 pounds in my 'normal' weight band and then keep loosing more weight afterwards so I agreed with her. I probably still have another 3/4 of a stone to go before I am 'happy' with how I am. So I swapped the weight watchers direct debit to a gym direct debit and used my newly slimmer self to become a beginner gym bunny. And I am enjoying it. I do 1 Body Combat class, 1 Body attack class, 1 hour yoga and 1 hour swimming each week plus gym sessions when I am be motivated (I hate the gym part of the gym!) and an hours walking each day. Physically I can feel the difference all this exercise is doing but for three months now I have not lost a single pound!

    I still go to meetings occasionally (they now clash with a gym class) and I am just maintaining. Going from loosing 1 to 2 pounds a week to zero is so depressing!

    I am so confused about how to diet and exercise at the same time. I never used to use my weeklies as I would always stay the same so I stuck to my 26 points. Sticking to 26 points now and I feel terrible with low blood sugar crashes (ie nearly passing out) and just exhaustion. When I track what I eat I am around 30 - 32 points each day which is obviously too much as I am maintaining. (But I need that much not to feel like death!)

    I am just wondering how other people balance the need to eat because of exercise yet loose weight as well!
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  3. Browsie

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    I am pretty new to weight watchers but a few things I would say are;

    1) Are drinking enough water? You need your recommened 8 glassess (or whatever it is!) plus lots more when you are excercising, it does make a difference.
    2) What are you spending the extra pro-points on? Bigger meals or more snacks? Can you just snack on fruit instead on pointed ones?
    3) I know you going over your daily points allowance but are you counting your extra points for the exercise you are doing?
    4) It is possible that you are not eating enough, although you are going over your 'daily' allowance you could still probably eat more if you took your exercise points into account. You don't want to go into 'starvation mode'.
    5) measure yourself - even if your not losing weight you will be losing inches. Lets be honest thats what we all want!

    Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself.
  4. ksmiuk

    ksmiuk Gold Member

    I would say your not eating enough! Try eating all of your points and half of your activity points it may take a couple of weeks but it should make a difference. Xx

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