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Barbeque and Greggs

I was just wondering if anyone knew any of the points values in greggs naughty steak bakes? or any of greggs stuff! I can imagine they will be really very very very high!

also, i was wondering about points for bbq food... preferably a burger! lol from an unknown source :S
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Hmm i read somewhere that the cheese and onion bake is only 9 points... therefore i dunno whether the steak one would be 15 points then sausage bean and cheese one is 12 though soo much dunno 15 maybe to be on safe side, but doubt it would be more .. anyway..

thanks to lady luck;


Chicken Mayo & Bacon Sandwich 9.4
Prawn Oval Bite 7.5
Cheese Savoury Sandwich – White 13
Chicken Mayo Sandwich – Granary 9.5
Macaroni pie (Scotland) 6Ham & Cheese Baguette 10
Country Grain Rolls 2.5
Oven Bottoms 3
Finger Rolls 3
Large Brown Barm 3
Large White Barm 3
Bacon on White Toast 8
Ham Salad White Barm 5.5
Chicken Mayo Brown Barm 8.5
Cheese Savoury White Barm 9.5
Ham Salad Brown Barm 5
Sausage on Oven Bottom 15.5
Egg Mayo, Tomato Relish Brown Barm 9
Egg Mayo Relish White Barm 8
Bacon on Oven Bottom 9.5
Tuna Mayo on Brown Barm 6.5
EGG Mayo Brown Barm 6.5
Cheese Savoury on Brown Barmcake 9
Tuna Mayo on White Barmcake 7
Tuna & Mayo Baguette 8
Sausage & Bacon on Barmcake 9.5
Sausage & Bacon on White toast 10.5
Ham Cheese & Pickle on White Xbite 9
Chicken Crunch on Granary Xbite 7
Cheese Ploughman Oval Bite 7.5
Cheese Savoury SW on Granary 7
Ham, Cheese & Tomato Baguette 10.5
Prawn Sandwich on Granary 7.5
Chicken Club Baguette 9.5
Egg Mayo Brown SW 4
Tuna Salad on Granary 7
Tuna Salad on Brown 10.5
Roast Chicken & Bacon on Brown 8
Roast Chicken & Bacon SW on White 7.5
Cheese Savoury Brown Soft Bite 9.5
Salad Sandwich on Granary 5
Bacon on White Barm 8
Sausage on White Barm 11
Tuna Mayo Baguette – White 11.5
Cheese Savoury – White 11
Cheese & Onion Pasty 9
Jumbo Sausage Roll 7
Potato & Meat Pie (deep) 14.5
Potato & Meat Pasty 9.5
Meat & Potato Pie 15
Tuna Mayo Granary SW 8
Chicken Crunch White Xbite 7.5
Steak & Horseradish Oval Bite 5.5
Egg Mayonnaise Brown Bread 6.5
Egg Mayonnaise White Bread 6
Chicken Mayo Brown Bread 7
Chicken Mayo White Bread 8
Prawn Mayonnaise Wholemeal Bread 5.5
Prawn Mayonnaise White Bread 5.5
Tuna Mayo White Bread 9.5 (seems a lot!)
Tuna Mayo Wholemeal Bread 6.5
New Yorker Oval Bite 8
Sage& Onion Chicken with Bacon Oval Bite 6.5
Mexican Chicken Oval Bite 6
Chargrilled Flavour Chicken Oval Bite 6
Prawn Oval Bite 6
Just Ham White Bread Pack 6
Just Ham Wholemeal Bread Pack 4.5
Cheese Savoury Wholemeal Bread Pack 9
Cheese Savoury White Bread Pack 9
Ham Salad White Bread Pack 4
Salad White Bread Pack 6.5
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato White Bread Pack 7
Tuna Salad White Bread Pack 7
Cheese Salad White Bread Pack 8.5
Cheese Salad Brown Soft Bite 9
Egg Mayonnaise Brown Soft Bite 8
Tuna Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 6
Chargrilled Chicken Salsa Wholemeal Bread Pack 4.5
Cheese Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 8.5
Cheese Savoury Wholemeal Soft Bite 13
Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 4
Ham Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 4.5
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Bread Pack 7
American Deli White Xtra Bite 6.5
American Deli White Granary Xtra Bite 7
Roast Chicken & Mango White Xtra Bite 9
Tuna Crunch White Xtra Bite 8
Roast Chicken & Mango Granary Xtra Bite 9
Tuna Crunch Granary Xtra Bite 9
Cheese Savoury White Soft Bite 10.5
Chicken Mayo Brown Soft Bite 8
Ham Salad Brown Soft Bite 6.5
Chicken & Sweetcorn Brown Soft Bite 7.5
Tuna Mayo White Soft Bite 9
Egg Mayo Soft White Bite 7
Chicken Brown Tasty Bite 7
Cheese Savoury White Tasty Bite 9
Cheese Savoury Brown Tasty Bite 9
Egg Mayo Brown Tasty Bite 6.5
Egg Mayo White Tasty Bite 6
Chicken Salad White Bread Pack 7
Sausage Breakfast Roll 9.5
Chicken Salad Brown Bread Pack 7
White Cheese Soft Bite 9
Cheese & Tomato Pizza 6.5
Chicken White Tasty Bite 6.5
Chicken Club Oval Bite 6.5
Chicken & Bacon Bread Pack 7
Chicken Mayo Granary SW 7.5

Fudge Doughnut (Scotland) 7
Jam Doughnut 5
Ring Doughnut 5
Brandy Mince Pie 5.5
Celebration Cake 8
Country Apple Pie 13.5
Lemon Sensation Muffin 8
Mississippi Chocolate Muffin 9.5
Parkin 3
Chocolate Gateaux 4.5
Crispy Chocolate Nests 9
Lemon Slice 4
Chocolate Slice 4
Small Custard 4.5
Fresh Cream Trifle 6
Fresh Cream Doughnut 6.5
Chocolate Doughnut 5.5
Fruit Iced Finger 4
Vanilla Slice 6.5
Fresh Cream Iced Split 7
Fairy Bun 3
Iced Finger 3.5
Fresh Cream Éclair 5
Vanilla & Caramel Doughnut 7.5
Fresh Cream Strawberry Tart 5
Toffee Apple Slice 8
Fresh Cream Jam Sponge 2
Bake off Ginger 2
Team Ginger 4.5
Spikey Mikey Shortbread 8
Cherry & Almond Slice 4
Chocolate Chip Cookie 6.5
Bavarian Slice 9.5
Lemon Muffin 9.5
Wholemeal Breakfast Roll 3
White Breakfast Roll3
Dinner Cob 3
Floured Baps 1.5
Oval Bite 3.5
Soft Bites White 4.5
Soft Bites Brown 4
Wholemeal Barms 2.5
Fruit Teacake 3
Fruit Scones 5
Hot Cross Bun 2.5
Amazing! I will pass this list onto my OH as he is a Greggs addict! Hehe! Hmmm my fav isn't on there - the toffee custard filled doughnut! And also their chicken, pesto and rocket baguette with sundried tomatoes... it's out of this world delicious!

(MUST think of apples!!) x
So it does! How helpful! Unfortunately my fav sandwich is:

520kcal , 16g Fat... How many points will that be? I've forgotten how to work out sat fat if its not listed...
ww say if there is no sat fat info, then just half the fat, therefore 520cals and 8 sat fat = 9.5 points

thanks for the link starlight very much appreciated didn't realise greggs did this now too :)
hmm going by what WW say to do by halving fat to get sat fat the steak bake is only 9.5 points :-\ even when you put the sat fat as 20 out of the 22.5 of fat it contains, that's only 11 points! pretty good tbh!

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