Barbie Humour


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A dad is on his way home a bit late from the office when he realises
that it's his daughter's birthday and he has not bought her a gift.

So he stops at a toy store to buy his daughter a Barbie. Inside he sees
a Barbie display and asks the salesgirl how much the Barbies are.

The girl responds: "Which one? We have:

Gymnasium Barbie: £19.95
Volleyball Barbie: £19.95
Shopping Barbie: £19.95
Surfer Barbie: £19.95
Disco Barbie: £19.95 AND
Divorced Barbie: £299.95

Shocked, the man asks, "why is Divorced Barbie £299.95 when all the
other Barbies are £19.95?"

Exasperated, the girl responds: "Sir, Divorced Barbie comes with":

Ken's Car
Ken's House
Ken's Boat
Ken's furniture
Ken's jewellery
Ken's money
Ken's computer, and
Ken's best friend...

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Not dieting ATM!
I like it Mini

But I think the reality would more likely be Ken's three babies, his debt and his VD!!!

Dizzy x