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  1. josiemay

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    Cambridge Diet
    I'm starting week 3 tomorrow (so now allowed to have bars and mousses). In peoples experience, do eating the bars and mousses slow down the weightloss?? Also, are you allowed to have a bar and a mousse in the same day?

    Thanks :eek:
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    Yes you are allowed to have a bar and a mousse on the same day. Opinions vary as to whether adding the bars, etc can slow down your weight loss. People react differently so it's hard to say. However, you should continue to lose your 1 stone per month as long as you add the extra water for when you have your bar :)
  4. Cute'n'Quirky

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    The mousses are yummy!!

    Made a Strawberry Mousse today for tea!

    It hasn't affected my losses at all, although have only had two bars and two mousses in the space of seven days between weigh-ins.
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    Once I could start having bars I've tended to have around 3 or 4 a week and have found my weightloss has stayed around an average of 3lbs per week.

    As for the mousse's I absolutely luv em ~ so have one everyday. Even been known to make up a jelly and have that as well as a mousse and yet still have maintained a 3lbs average weight loss.

    I'm nearing my goal weight now, so moving up the plans and if anything it seems that has slowed my weight loss, not the bars or mousses. ~ but as has been said, we are all different, so give them a go and see how you get on. It is nice to have something different from shakes after a while.
  6. Maz35

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    I've had a bar every day and it hasn't affected my losses but i have to have my bar at bedtime! I take it to bed with a magazine, if i eat it any earlier i just want more as they are so nice and i have eaten 3 at one time before learning my lesson! good luck x
  7. ava

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    I don't have mousse, but i usually have a bar every other day. I didn't want to start having one every day at first as i had heard they can slow down weighloss, so far they don't seem to have made any difference to me. At some stage i'll probably move up to having a bar every day. The caramel and toffee are lovely :drool:
  8. canaryellow

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    The mousses have been an absolute life saver for my and Hubby and has not ever effected out losses.., however neither of us could handle the bars, gave us both the most severe stomach cramps and having to rush to the loo..
    But everyone is totally different, give them a go

    Good luck with the rest of your weightloss

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