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Getting her sparkle back
Hi Kathryn
Between a bar and a shake the difference is only 30 calories, so there isn't a huge difference. I don't think you would lose more weight...but I could be wrong!
If you are getting sick of them, why not have less a week and 'save' them so they are more of a treat? When I first started I used to just have bars at the weekend (but I love them too much so that didn't last very long, haha!)
Hi Hannah
Thanks - I had it in my head they were much more. I might do as you sugest and just have them at the weekend but to be honest im getting fed up with the packs as well!! Just having massive cravings today for food :(
Kathryn, I think the main difference is the proportion of carbs in them, which is why you can only have one bar a day. I go through phases with the packs and find that varying it each week really helps, as does reminding myself that they are just a means to an end. It's a bonus if they taste palatable but that's not really the point! (That made more sense in my head... sorry!) Hope you find a way to keep going and manage to get past the food cravings. One thing that might help is to have a peppermint tea or a strong coffee when you're craving things. Something to try?
according to the LLL RTM book you can only have 1 bar a day as they contain something which can upset your stomach if eaten in large quantities. Sorry i can't remember the name of it!
I am finding i am going off the bars too - i only got 4 this week and i normally save one for Saturday in case i am out and need lunch on the go. Other than that i much prefer having my shake and porridge, so next week i may even go down to 2 just for a treat!

Hope you find a way that works for you! :)


is Magdalicious
Funny how everyone has different preferences. I couldn't do it without the bars. They're definitely my faves and I like having them for tea or late lunch.
Never had more than one a day though.
Found it in the book, maltitol syrup is in the bars. Sorry it's the scientist in me I had to find out!! I'm such a geek sometimes!

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