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Hey thats good to know! I have been on SS for 3 weeks but I did come off the diet for a few days in week two as I went away. So do you think its best to do two straight weeks before I start them? Also do you know the reason why its ideal to wait two weeks? x
It's to make sure you're in ketosis as they're slightly higher in carbs than the shakes and soups. You would need to speak to your CDC, if you fall out of ketosis easily might be as well to wait the 2 weeks.


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It depends on the person but some people find the bars knock them out of ketosis so its best to make sure its well established before having them. However I've gotten some in 'just in case' i have a social event to go to or get the munchies and need something more than shakes. My theory being that a bar instead of a shake is better than having a pig out and going totally off the rails. My CDC said this was fine and said it was a good idea.


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I had bars on my second week last time I did CD, and I loved them, and it didnt effect my losses at all. But everyone is different.
I would get five bars and chop them all up. Mix them up into five separate bags, and freeze them.
They take ages to finish and its like having a bag of revels.
Really nice to have something to chew too. x
My CDC did give me one this week to try and I totally agree Rayven, I can see me using them for when I have cravings for 'real' food! I wish we could replace all shakes for bars tho as it filled me up much better and the taste was heaps better!! x


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The bars are really handy and I generally like them better than shakes (and nasty Tetras! :jelous:) - great for taking to work or in a hurry. I keep mine in the fridge until I need one, and eat it s-l-o-w-l-y, just nibbling it until it's gone (with a big black coffee, seems to swell it up and make it seem more!). I can't be bothered doing anything else with it - too lazy, lol.


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I like the bars too much - I only get 1 or 2 from my CDC cos I know if i had more in the house I would scoff them all! They are lovely, especially the malt toffee one. I'm seeing my CDC on Wednesday and am going to get one of those to treat myself :)


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Same as you Leona - I am VERY careful with the bars as they are very moreish. I've actually stopped having them for now. Be warned - anyone tempted to have more than the recommended one per day will find themselves rather flatulent to say the least. Fine if you've a dog you can blame, but don't go out whatever you do!!
haha x
I'm not sure if I'm going to try them. I'm worried that I might then get the munchies and break the diet. Also, I think if I had a couple in for the 'just in case' moments, then I know I would definately eat them even if I wasn't hungry.
I dont know......my situation with the bars is completely different. I feel completely satisfied after one, and have never felt the need to have any more.

I have one for lunch everyday, with a black coffee. I now only buy the peanut crunch, yummy, I look forward to it everyday, its like a treat. I think you should just see how your body reacts to them, if you find them moreish, limit yourself to a couple a week. If they have nothing of that effect, have one a day!
Sorry Lydia to muscle in on your thread but reading all the comments of everyone saying how delish they are and the thought of actually eating something, made me get a bit giddy!

What are the flavours?


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My CDC told me last night that some people make the bars into 'cookies' - you cut one bar into four, put each piece into a cake case (or silicon bun tin), and stick them in the microwave until they melt. Then you get four teeny cookies, lol! :p (I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds quite fun!)


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Hmm, not too sure about my CDC's 'cookie' idea - I basically got little burnt lumps, not nice smooth melted cookies like I was expecting! Taste not toooo bad, just overdone (these were chocolate ones). Has anyone else tried this? If so, what did I do wrong?! :sigh: (Too fast?)
I tried making the cookies once...and once only ! After only about 10 seconds the microwave started filling with smoke and the pieces of the chocolate bar looked like they had been in a nuclear attack !


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I tried making the cookies once...and once only ! After only about 10 seconds the microwave started filling with smoke and the pieces of the chocolate bar looked like they had been in a nuclear attack !
Haha, not just me then!! :D:D (P'raps you need to turn the microwave really low - or just not bother, much easier, lol!;))
I'm so looking forward to when I can have these-they sound so yummy...I need something to chew on!

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