BBQ Chicken


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Just wanted to tell you all about my delicious dinner yesterday. Had skinned and boned chicken thighs. Brushed over them Heinz Spread and Bake Sticky BBQ sauce and roasted in the oven for approx 40 mins. DELICIOUS!!!!

1.5 Syns on Original, Green and EE (per level tablespoon)

Really delicious, will def be making this again and the OH enjoyed it too!

They look like this and there are other flavours!!
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Hels Bels

Do you need anymore than the level tablespoon for one piece of chicken? Or is one spoon enough?


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I found one spoon was enough, and I brushed it on so it went further, the thighs i used shrunk to about half their size once they were cooked!!!!!


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G: 10st10lb
I hate it when chicken shrinks, they pump em up with water so they look good in the shops and you end up with nothing on the plate. Pity they don't do that with the fattening foods it would be a good diet strategy :)