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Beach Body ;)

Hey Every1,

Im new to this site and to SW. I have been now for 3 weeks, my 1st i lost 4.5 and last week i lost 1.5.

Im finding it difficult to stay on track now, my biggest problem is my lunch for work. I need it to be quick, easy and convienient and just cant seem to every find anythink to do or take.

Id be really greatful if you guys could give me some tips. As im going on Holiday the end of August and would love a beach body by then :/

Amy x
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hiya and welcome to the site. you are doing great so far so keep it up. as for lunches i find it hard too as i have to grab something quick, and i am looking for new ideas. at the moment all i am eating in work for lunch is pasta in sauce or mugshots and i am very bored and also it dont contain veg or salad or anything. what have you been eating at lunch ?
erm sometimes ive been skipping and i know thats bad, but ive had mugshots, pasta, eft over chilli with rice. also for snack throughout the day which is quite hard, ive had mattesons chicken bites southern fried chicked (2.5 syns for the bag) mullerlight yogherts & fruit. Like you said it gets very boring.

Also what do you have for your meals in the evening??

Amy x
Did the coca cola chicken on this website tonight, really tasty but would not leave the sauce to thicken for too long as it went a bit dryish if you know what I mean. Will do it again, definately. Also the syn free S W quiche is really tasty, filling and quick and if you are doing red or green, can add HEA of grated cheese. It was lovely, I dont like veg much so just put in eggs, cott cheese and bacon. It was proper filling too. So many recipes to chose from, hope this helps. Also I am making loads of veg soups as its the only way I can eat mixed veg and this is supposed to boost weight loss.
chicken breast with philly in and bacon wrapped round with sw chips
the other night i did two chicken breasts. cut them down the middle and put philadelphia light in which i counted as syns but it wasnt many i think it was about 2. then i wrapped bacon wround it and put it in oven and made sw chips. it was delicious. and for the only meal all i had to syn was the philadelphia as i was on EE.

steak and sw chips with mushrooms and onions
cooked the steak in fry light with the mushrooms and onions and did sw chips
all free food and was lovely

fry up
sw sausage, bacon,egg, beans, mushrooms etc

sw wedges with pork and veg
all free and gorgeous
2nd time round for me. Went years ago when it was just the red and green plans. Joined again 17th Jan, not had massive losses but slow and steady. And I am enjoying my food too. I would rather have slow and steady losses and enjoy what I am eating, than think every day I am losing loads but hate every meal.I just love S W, I lost 2 and half stone when I did it before, and never feel hungry. Its so easy once you get your head round it, if you need any more help dont hesitate. Thats what the forum is for, I am totally addicted to it ha ha
thats what i am thinking slow and steady is better, i have always wanted the quickest solution as i norm hate dieting however everytime i lose it quick it piles straight back on . i wanted a diet which didnt feel like a diet and just became the way of eating in my life, and thats what i am doing now. i enjoy the food that i eat on slimming world. i have been treating myself on a sat to a takeaway as it helps me stick to it all week and i know people will think thats pointless but i need some sort of treat. i am finding sw even easier since joining the forum it is great for all the support, i am also on another forum aswell which is great too

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